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I’ll yield to the Cates bros since we’ll…..they’re awesome!

However, I can speak with complete authority on this:

Saul is asshoe.

Yes Saul is that "an asshoe" and much more. I tend to think he more evil and disgusting than most can put into words. Truly a hated individual among many. he's become a tumor on the internet, waiting for a surgeon to cut him out.
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I don't talk a lot about the other place, but yous inspired me to put up the story that I got called OUT within ONE week of being at QV, last February it was. πŸ€”

FOR being a conspiracy theorist!!πŸ™ƒ

AND it IS appropriately Sunday today!

And freezing out here, at a mere 22 degrees. πŸ˜€


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@Horatio Just testing for understanding.... you were called out for posting a historically based article about George Washington @ Valley Forge?



I was like WTF is THIS?

And yet, I gave it RIGHT back at 'em. πŸ˜€

I'm 'too old' to take much shit from anyone these daze.


It was at that very point I KNEW that free speech ain't really bout free speech, well over there anyways.

Now is it? πŸ€”


I thought to myself.

What a freakin' curmudgeon! 🀣

@Horatio That even tops my exit. I can't remember what I posted. Saul called "promoting Q". Now, while I cannot recall the post, it had exactly ZERO to do with "Q". I was simply questioning someone's logic which I am capable of without an alphabet letter telling me how. Also, while he kicked me off of the board, he had zero compunction about continuing to charge my bank account $5 per month until I finally just cancelled the credit card.


Thanks MMA I downloaded that.

As I left QV in a kamikaze like fashion, I told SMB that the CIA, basically, created the term and it did NOT exist prior to a certain time in our recent history.

Take that bitch!🀣

(not you of course 😜 )

Started here about an hour ago, a dusting so far. Hopefully the ice will stay well ice.

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I remember this spasm. SMB was practically foaming at the mouth, with his communist anti-clerical/anti-religious/antimorals, because GW portrayed as having reverence for G-d.

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Huh? Wait, what is this?


Gentlemen...is this not the much-hated "conspiracy theory" talk eternally proscribed on SQV? I guess the ban on "conspiracy theories" only applies to those "theories" Saul finds particularly uncomfortable.

And you have to be a be either damaged goods or unhinged a bit to go after the Jesuits.

But I went to fucking public school so what do I know. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

And I was never an altar boy. 😎

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@CharlesXavier So dear kind leader subscribes to a conspiracy theory about Catholics trying to rule the world.

I wonder what he thinks of the conspiracy theory about Jews trying to rule the world?

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The fact that @Bleukitty invoked SMB's flag-word ``cretin'' makes me quite certain that she was kidding, and does not really accuse you of any anti-Semitism.

I hope I'm not wrong here, since if I am, then I'm ridiculously wrong...

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Here on FA when we take things in the kindest way they could be meant we are accurate.

PS: FA people do love to tease, kid and pretend to be snarky.

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Usually, yes.

Though it seems that the @Zemeliko guy (whose interaction started this thread here) managed to end the targeting without submitting.

SMB wrote this to him:


and only then he replied to him again.

Certain diplomacy works there too, right?

@Andre @whatabout @Kindly_ol_doc @Horatio @Pierre_Delecto @CharlesXavier @icare4america @THEDodgerPrincess @DrFell @MsKate @Mongo3804 @Luther @TXPatriot2021 @BackInBlack @as2 @MMA @Arcalian

@Lumuz @Bleukitty @Andre @whatabout @Kindly_ol_doc @Horatio @Pierre_Delecto @CharlesXavier @icare4america @THEDodgerPrincess @DrFell @MsKate @Mongo3804 @Luther @TXPatriot2021 @BackInBlack @as2 @MMA @Arcalian Saul lies. I broke no rules and I got booted. All I did was ask him to fully justify his opinion on something. I was even nice and not "snarky" about it.

@BrandiSmile @Lumuz
I can relate. I didn't get booted but I once asked SMB a question on SQV feed and I was sincere about the question - he basically told me I was stupid and to quit being lazy and look it up myself. So....I really don't go there much anymore.

@Dakota1 @Lumuz I stupidly let it really hurt my feelings until I found FA a couple of months after it happened. Then, to my surprise, I found out that it happened to many of us.

@BrandiSmile @Lumuz
Yes, I was a bit confused and couldn't quite understand his reaction but eventually realized this was who he is. Unfortunately he easily alienates. But FA is great!


My head was bitten off by that Milton Peterson asshoe towards the beginning when I was there.

More sourness that I encountered.

Told him to fuck off on the horse he has.

'THOUSANDS of followers and all', I could give a shit. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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He said "who was I to use his name in a post" or some bullshit like that.

What an asshoe!

Thurston Howell the III could he have BEEN.

I enjoyed Engineering on Demand.

Get the guy here forthwith @icare4america

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