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Well, it's starting to snow up here.

What do yous have down there?

On the ground.

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Headed out to 'our place' to get a bite to eat.


Three out of the four of us are OFF tomorra.

Not ME! 🙄

But's snowing so hanging out will be FUN.

We got a pretty thick layer of snow on the ground and now it sounds like freezing rain to me. It's 21.°

But once the storm is over and the streets are safe and clear, I'm heading to my daddy's house in Virginia Beach to deliver the rescue cat that we found for him. Here she is playing in Lucy's closet. Horatio, this is the closet of a 16-year-old girl. You dodged a bullet with your boys.

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We aren't really cat people but this little girl is amazing. She behaves like a lap dog. Completely disinterested in toys unless it's to cuddle up with a plush one. Not too skittish. And very talkative.
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Cats like dogs have their own ways. I've had many and the six we have now are very different than the others. Some talk a lot, some like to play, some are very just love them.

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@SomeLadyinVA @Horatio @cully45 @as2 She looks shocked!🤣 At the mess maybe?!?😁 She's cute & looks really soft. I'm sure your dad will love her.


Have you told your dad the deal is OFF. 😂

KEEP that kitty!!

I was not a kitty guy, until about thirty five years ago. 🙄

When @as2 said that Smokey came along with the deal!

She lasted until she was 18 a mostly white tuxedo.

And YES, 'girls clothing closet bullet dodged'. Whew!

We were watching the football games at the sports bar tonight

NOT at the bar(!), but in a booth. 🙃

@cully45 @as2


Annie - We had the boys with us!

Which I prefer, a SOLID family unit, until further notice.


Being at the bar you get the best service and craic. 👍

@SomeLadyinVA @as2

@Horatio @cully45 @SomeLadyinVA
Cully - Horatio and I only sat at the bar, back in the day! LOL! Sometimes we can get a booth in the bar area but tonight was too crowded. Horatio is right, we love sitting at the bar. Service is quick and you meet some great people!!!

Lady V, yes we did dodge the bullet with lots of clothes BUT boys can be so sloppy. Wet towels left all of the floor in bathroom and in their room< They wonder why there are no clean towels left. Not to mention socks too!!

@as2 @Horatio @SomeLadyinVA
Understandable, enjoy the time you have with them, it goes too quick.

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