Who supports our enemies?

Eye-opening poll shows 59% of Dem voters want unvaccinated confined at home, 45% want them in 'designated facilities,' 48% demand fines or imprisonment for anyone who questions efficacy of vaccines.

These are the cultists. These are the psychotic useful idiots created by the Demonic Globalists.



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Are these today's insane, brainwashed Democrat voters who would have supported Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, Buckenwald, & other camps used to murder six million during the Holocaust? Just wondering; someone should ask them, ya think?

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I don't think we have to ask. Fauci supporters have vastly more evidence of the genocide than the avg German had, and they embrace vaccines for 5 year olds & pregnant women without hesitation.

I think the advocates & sympathizers in these crimes are worse than the German citizens who looked the other way.

There's no excuse today. The evidence is right there to see & people reject it.

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