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*Medical Freedom
*Vaxx Mandate in the state of WA (Jay Inslee)

A buddy sent me this link to a very good video that lays out the FACTS about Jay Inslee's overreach on his vaxx mandate and WA state LAW.

A website is provided for more details.

May be useful for some.


Obama knew Halper was a SPY
Obama knew FISAs were fraudulent
Obama knew Hillary paid for the Dossier
Obama knew his Admin was unmasking/leaking
Obama knew the DNC Server wasnt hacked by Russia
Obama knew the Don Jr meeting was a Fusion GPS setup

Obama helped plan from the Oval.

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You want to make criminals laugh?

Tell them you are passing new gun control laws to protect the innocent law abiding citizens.

Duh, criminals do not follow laws. They are enemies of the civil society and prey on the weak, the vulnerable, and the defenseless.

Politicians who support more restrictive gun laws leaving law abiding citizens in a more defenseless posture can go fuck themselves.

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What pisses me off is that people like that zentrification dude are on there basically saying we aren't honorable people by assassinating Saul's character on TS. Well where the fuck were they when each one of us was called disgusting names, relieved of our money, and summarily kicked off QV? Apparently NOW is the time to take the high road.

@shecky2000 @Kindly_ol_doc @waronmorons

I think Aliens and Return of the Living Dead are good sequels, too.

The first three Star Wars. Don't even talk to me about the rest.

Until these mofo anti 2A assholes virtue signaling right now start seriously working on meaningful actions to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals (which they never will)

They all can just shut right the fuck up with their rhetoric about restricting 2A rights for law abiding citizens.

These shootings only bolster the argument for 2A rights to arm and defend oneself against insaniacs like these. Where's the knee-jerk hysteria banning knives because of knife attacks and homicides? GTFOH.

I imagine that they have a coded alert system in the white house, much like in hospitals.

Code brown for when Biden shits himself
Code purple for when he gets lost or confused.
code pink for when he starts sniffing or groping some kid
code red for when he opens his mouth and goes off script.
Code puce for when he is caught running around naked.

probably more.

@JackO @mimimayes


Why would anyone trust the government to think for them and assume it had their best interest in mind?

Gosh…Avoidance of a Centralized Government is only the whole reason why this country broke away from the UK in the first place.

I'm making this into my own shirt ..cause it is how I'm feeling inside and out baby !

Arm the teachers, or rather, let the teachers practice their 2nd Amendment Right to carry.

Develop special training for carrying in schools, for handling a shooter, etc. Let teachers who want to carry do so.

we could also just NOT spend money we don't actually have. I dunno. crazy talk


I disagree that $40B can't do shit in America.


How about THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!

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