Who cares about millionaires getting paid to play with a ball?


That has always been my opinion too.

Sportsball fun as a kid, but then I grew up.

Then when I heard the leagues went all politically retarded, knew I chose wisely.


@blitzed @dubh

I know many grown men that have tons of USELESS sports trivia occupying their brains but not an F-N clue what's going down in this country/the world RIGHT NOW.


I grew up wrenching on cars, machining, and fabricating and NEVER followed big league sports. Did not have the time or interest. I don't know shit about these "ball players" and never have and proud of that fact.

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@JackO @blitzed

I've been getting more and more into engines as I got into used motorcycles, if you get into that as a hobby at least you learn how to maintain your stuff at the same time. Not knocking going out to play basketball either, just seems odd for rich people to be doing this now, and complaining on top of it.
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