Hundreds of workers in Greenville, South Carolina walk out in protest of vaccine mandates.
General Electric and Lockheed Martin both notified employees in Greenville that they must be vaccinated by December 8th.
Biden's vaccine mandate has yet to be approved by OSHA.

The Clintons are the modern day version of Ahab and Jezebel.
They both went to law school. Hillary got kicked off Watergate team for unethical behavior. They killed their White House lawyer Vince Foster cause he was going to spill the beans on their selling military secrets to China. Who does Durham indict first? Hillary’s campaign lawyer, who she used in the conspiracy thinking she would be protected by attorney client privilege.
I think God’s got a great sense of humor!

Trump is on a bigger mission than most Americans realize
They thought he wanted to win re-election.
He wanted to completely destroy the democrat party.
With Biden as the face of the party all the democrats poll numbers are in the toilet. Nobody is defending him but what’s amazing is nobody is trying to take the lead in the media to try and put a different face on the party in order to try and save it!
Where’s Obama? Hiding?
Trump walked away to destroy the racist, corrupt party forever! Winning!

Remember McConnell’s nickname is cocaine Mitch. Why?
Years ago his wife’s family owned Chinese tanker ship was caught bringing in tons of cocaine.
Mitch is crooked as hell and Trump as president has seen all the Declass on everyone.
He knows the crimes on everyone. Mitch is no idiot. I believe he took a deal and as majority and now minority leader can stop anything.
Q said the Senate was the key.
Senate blocks all House bills and prevents president from signing anything into law

They certainly need the cash. They are having a hard time keeping the power on and it’s hurting their manufacturing too.
I think Trump is at war with them already. An unconventional war and right now he’s helping damage or implode their economy.
Ironic a black swan showed up at Tiana men Square.
Patriots trolling them?

China feeling the pain?

Stock market taking a beating over the last year. Still hasn’t bottomed.
Real estate bubble starting to burst.
Rolling power outages effecting manufacturing and jobs cause price of coal has doubled.
Ships sitting off shore full of goods not being unloaded.
Failed to corner the lithium market in Afghanistan instead their rival South Korea gets the deal.
Military operations performed by US navy with their rivals at their front door.
Sunken sub by US.
Am I missing anything?

There are many great researchers here much better than I am. I would be curious as to what your thoughts are on this issue?
Truth Social - by Patel Patriot - Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series
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JUST IN 🚨 Trump has registered “Trump Plus” which hints that besides social media site, former President is also launching a subscription video-on-demand service

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