The World Economic Forum's Great Narrative Conference: "The good news is the elite across the world trust each other more and more... the bad news is that the majority of people trusted that elite less..."

They actually call themselves the elite 🤮


...especially when the goons in charge of these unelected organisations call themselves 'elite'!

@Andre I’ve heard rumors of an elite class who were seeking total control of the world. Never thought I would ever hear them actually admit it on a world stage.

@JesseStone @Andre

Something tells me some of them will try hard to shed that self-proclaimed moniker fairly soon. It's their very own Scarlett Letter.

@JesseStone for the love of God, would somebody hang these criminals?

@waronmorons I’m with ya on that one! Although, hanging might be far too easy on them. Why not make them live in an environment built on their own policies they want to force on us. They could live on an island with no electricity, hunt and gather bugs and weeds for their meals. Then allow the portions of synthetic meat on holidays. Or better yet, give them the chance to choose, hanging or live on above island!

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