@JesseStone Praying for your restored health, Jesse. So sorry to hear this! 🙏🏻


I'm praying that you recover and get to a point where you can manage this condition... God bless you and keep you well... may His angels surround you and give you strength. 💗 🙏

Well Jesse, I’m a follower of Christ so this is my prayer.

Thank you Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ your dear son, for graciously providing us with life and our amazing bodies. As our brother Jesse struggles with this condition, help him to keep his eyes focused on you with the assurance that he can rest in comfort knowing that you have done everything necessary for him both now and in eternity.


Sorry to read this Jesse. We pray you will be resulted to perfect health.

Oh yes! You're in good company, Alan Shepherd had that as well.

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