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I may be a bit too much conspiracy theorist today, but Roberts recent activities seem as if his prior sidings were part of the kayfabe.

Almost like it was on purpose as a means to lull the left to almost a slumber.

And then BAM! Hit them with a ball bat.

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Spit Ball
How do you protect states rights while also protecting constitutional rights to bear arms?
Have Congress and the president pass a federal red flag gun law so it can be struck down nationwide by the SC.
That’s what’s being set up.
It’s a perfect plan

My latest Market Update on Patel Patriot’s Spitballers telegram chat

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The House passing a bill to raise the gun age from 18 to 21 is meaningless.
It’s dead in the Senate.
Understand what’s happening here.
There is only one issue killing them every single day with “NORMIES & their own SUPPORTERS.”
It’s an issue being talked about daily even on the liberal media channels. It is the biggest issue in every single poll going into the midterms where their polls are collapsing.
It’s all about INFLATION!
The democrat party owns it & has no answer.
Guns are a distraction.

On our way to $130 a barrel for oil.
Democrats gonna own these high gas prices.

My prediction?

Democrats in tight races gonna throw Biden under the bus and blame him to try and save themselves.
Might be calls for him to step aside but I don’t think he will.
Trump is using him to completely destroy the democrat party.
Enjoy the infighting with democrats show!!

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@icare4america @SweetIceTea @hejoural @CDuBois @HunDriverWidow

I have an FJB emblem on the back of my car. It looks so much like part of the car that I figure only MAGA would realize what it really is. It works for me.

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The worst kept secret of our times...

Wendy Rogers

Democrats want to defund the police and they want more crime so that they can have an excuse to take away our guns.

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Remember when Janet Yellen raised interest rates on Trump...trying to destroy his economy. But it didn't have the effect that she thought...You couldn't kill his economy.

The old Lizard must feel very good about her destruction under Biden. Amazed by her determination...and unimpressed by her pretending that she couldn't see it coming.
These are our "experts"...experts at Treasonous crimes...then faking stupidity.
They all do it...

I’m still playing catch up on everything because I’ve been so busy but if you missed JustHuman livestream last week talking about the Sussman verdict and the whistleblower that blew the whistle on the FBI having a secure data facility at Perkins Coie then you need to hear this.
The Sussman conviction for lying wasn’t necessary.
Everyone thinks Durham is going after Hillary, and he is.
But his target is Obama.
You take out the Queen before the King

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I was just gonna share your latest substack (btw I recognize the hat since I reside south of Seattle).

You're a great encouragement my friend. Please don't stop.

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