My BIL related a RONA story;

His neighbor late 70's caught the RONA she,was unjabbed. Ended up in the hospital for five days. Yesterday she was released and her Dr. told her she recovered a lot faster than his much younger jabbed patients and some will be there another week or so.

Well I’ve had 5 exposures to people who tested positive for omicron over the past week. My fever just started. And of course my Ivermectin and HCQ haven’t arrived yet. Sigh. Was hoping I’d avoid Covid round 2. Buckle up buttercup. Maybe this round will fix my sinuses that never recovered fully from the last time...or I’ll never smell or taste normally again πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ


The Ivermectin gave me my smell and taste back. Took 3mg last evening with dinner, woke up with them back.

@Fletchlives I get it. I am aSkins fan. But I wouldn’t cry, I’d be cussing like a sailor.πŸ˜†


@KarePatriot @ConnieinVA Typically Cowboys fans just whine when they lose not actually cry. (See every season since 1995).

Interesting that Trump mentioned the cabal last night at the rally.
I don’t recall him doing that before.
Knowing most of what he says is to red pill normies, it sounds like it’s finally time to begin introducing the normies to the hidden enemy controlling the world.
Fauci has been targeted and is being exposed almost daily. The pile on has begun and his days are numbered.
But Fauci wasn’t placed on center stage to bring down Fauci.
He’s the doorway to the Rockefeller’s controlling the system.

@KarePatriot Yes, they lost. It was a good game but all during the second half they kept showing people in the crowd and they were literally crying and some just looked really ticked off. It was reminding me of all the people crying when HRC lost. πŸ˜†


My smell and taste totally returned. After one 3mg dose last evening. Sinuses about 90%. I got excited when I tasted a potato chip at lunch, I felt silly.

@CDuBois @Bakerfiend @pamby1

We got a pretty thick layer of snow on the ground and now it sounds like freezing rain to me. It's 21.Β°

But once the storm is over and the streets are safe and clear, I'm heading to my daddy's house in Virginia Beach to deliver the rescue cat that we found for him. Here she is playing in Lucy's closet. Horatio, this is the closet of a 16-year-old girl. You dodged a bullet with your boys.

@cully45 @as2

That's what they're shooting for - a mistrial with that one juror. It seems that it didn't work. :)


Interesting timing for Ghislaine to start singing. The best time to make a deal is before the trial not after you’ve been found guilty.

This is completely hypothetical but…. what if she needed that little extra nudge. How would one go about it. What if there’s a juror that can give the defense grounds for a mistrial. Most cases will be retried again at a later date, however some cases can be resolved through a plea bargain.

VERY interesting read on working for Big Tech in the era of work from home, and your feelings matter. This was posted anonymously on twitter but deleted.


The most diverse admin in Virginia's history has begun.

Some of their first moves were to ban CRT, fire 30 staff members from the VA AG Office, launch investigations into the Parole Board and Loudon County, pursue criminal cases declined by Soros funded DAs, withdraw from some Greenhouse Gas bs group, and more.

This was all within a few hours of the moment pictured.

@cully45 @StephanieAnneLR @SomeLadyinVA


He must be in some deep sh*t for him to still be working at his age and economic means. He got cocky and sloppy. It took too long to cover up his crimes and now the dam is breaking.

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