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I'm still shocked that a judge of any kind has to take diversity, equity and inclusion training...I didn't ask him ,as I'm realizing it now , but wouldn't all that crap influence his decision making. Of course it would I'm thinking and that's the whole point..scew the justice system

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From @Luther 's Telegram feed.

Andrew Breitbart CPAC 2012 speech.

Listen to it in the context of our world of 2022.

Not so far fetched that his death might be from unnatural causes.


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@TXPatriot2021 @aquanaut642 @shecky2000 @Andre

For the sake of argument lets say the Q cavalry is real. Lurking in the shadows to join forces at the precise moment. Those on the right side of this fight with or w/o that knowledge would STILL deliver the same messaging. That messaging is "Don't wait to be saved. Save yourself & FIGHT LIKE HELL.

This very messaging is needed to be repeated over & over & over again to prime us to FIGHT. Every unit, team, platoon, division must FIGHT LIKE HELL.

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Many of us who have more years behind than in front fear our clock will run out before we see the Republic returned to the people.

This bothers me so much because of a character flaw. I'm not in control. It's out of my hands, and I hate that. It's not a feeling of helplessness, it's a feeling of impotency. It's a "digging the Holland tunnel with a teaspoon" kind of feeling.

I have the same problem with God. Trusting him means letting go, and I stink at it.

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My inner child would be devastated if Trump never returned.It would signal to me a victory for the people who did this to us because they hate Trump for either ruining their evil plans, or because he was mean on Twitter.

I may have to live with the worst scenario, and I'm struggling to accept that. I'm not there.

Where I am is incredulous that nearly two years have passed since my country suffered a coup, & not one freaking legislative entity will do anything about it.

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"Honest people with nothing to hide DO NOT obstruct audits. Try that shit in the private sector & it will hyper focus auditors."

I don't know if truer words have ever been tooted.

The revelation of the USPS actions are especially damning. I think J6 unselect Committee level hearings are warranted. This edict didn't form out of thin air!

There is the one who directed it, and the ones who implemented it.

Round them up!
@TXPatriot2021 @shecky2000 @Andre

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Gregg Phillips opines on Dinesh's Truth.

Seems to not put as much emphasis on 2000 Mules as Dinesh does.

The "Gregg's Beard" thing was pretty good.

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@cully45 @Andre

The is the , which has compromised every major U.S. Government Agency and Department.

This could not happen with a lawfully elected Congress and Legislative oversight.

A Republic highjacked by is not a Republic, it is an
under the controll of the bad actors perpetrating the fraud.

We now know how they cheat.

V 🌴 Chr.✝️⚖️🇺🇲


🅰️ 🌋

Ⓜ️ Ⓜ️

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We need asylums opened back up.
When actual diagnoses start up again, they'll be packed.

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They could all leave the USA like they keep declaring they'll do.

The rest of us would be better off.

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OK, Pamby, here we go!!

Step 1

I used:

A utensil crock on a candle warmer (for height), with 2
floral foam blocks inside (had for ages!)

Cheap floral wire, pushed into mini Styrofoam firecrackers (from Michaels)

RW&B Foil firecracker picks that I separated (from Michaels)

After I stacked the foam blocks inside the crock, I gathered up the wired pieces and started to assemble the centerpiece.

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Zero isn't smart enough to be doing this shit alone. He has other priorities satisfying his other illegal hobbies & getting his lavish billionaire lifestyle financed by whom? And, who, specifically, is hiding Zero & Moochelle's truths & their decades of corruption dirt?

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Drop the bastards out the back of a C-5 Galaxy into the hills of Afganistan; no water, no weapons. Let the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have them for fun & games.

Bye bye bastards! Enjoy the ride.

Stryker 60K airdrop


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The hangings could be global pay per view.

Then the gallows could be disassembled, cut up, and the pieces sold as momentos of the day when Patriots took America back.

Between those two, we could retire the national debt and shut down the IRS.

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@Andre everything?

My wife found out through AncestryDNA that she is part black.

How do we know whether Brett Kavenaugh is black? Or John Roberts? Is their DNA public?

The left has trapped us in this absolutist view of everything. I learned of ethnicities I never knew I had.

What are we if we're all a hodgepodge of ethnicities? Do we need new names like the gender dictionary to describe our specific differences?

MLK dreamed of a colorblind world. Democrats have destroyed that world.

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@pamby1 More news: a woman who has been like a mom to me, had a sister who insisted everyone should take ALL the Covid vaxxs. My “mom” refused to take any of the vaxxs and she will be 88 in November and had Covid and survived! Well, the sister had been in remission from lymphoma for 25 years and she died last night from a very fast, aggressive cancer that she had only a few months. I’m sick of this death thing. Just this week, heard of 2 more “sudden fatal” heart attacks of 50 year old men.

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@HunDriverWidow @nchia @Andre

They would have loved visiting Oatman, AZ

The deserts and mountains of southern California and western Arizona are chock full of wild burros who descend from the original desert prospectors.

And they are stubborn. Many times back in the day I would have to come to a screeching stop after coming around a turn on a back road because a herd would be standing in the middle.

And then wait for them to move at their leisure.


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