America either stands on her feet or dies on her knees.

This week, if you work for a mandating employer, join the walk out THIS WEDNESDAY


@MMA Thursday’s the drop dead for us. Have to report Friday that vax happened or suspended on Nov 22. 🙁 Husband is ‘getting his affairs in order’ in case he has a bad reaction. Breaks my heart.

@Kat @MMA
Oh, dear, did he decide to get one of them?

Would it be so bad to be suspended? I am mission-critical but I'm on the chopping block too. I am exploring other options, including completing my CPA.


@MMA Yes he is our soul bread winner now as I watch grandkids for daughters crazy nursing schedule. He is also less than 5 years from retirement and not wanting to lose that. He also feels he’s too old to be hired elsewhere. He also needs the healthcare for his diabetes. He is who the vax was supposed to be for but we work hard on our immune system with supplements so he didn’t get it. Both his doctors recommended it unfortunately. He’s going to get the J&J single shot and will do the protocol

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