Six Million

I don't know what Putin actually believes or wants.

I do know that my government believes I'm a terrorist and wants to erase my history and groom my children.

I'm not fighting anyone for them.


We will know stuff so bad we will wish we did not have to know it.

Ultimately we will know the things they don’t want us to know.

Many of us already do.

They were so sloppy.

That is hubris.


Seemingly impervious.


That’s how cucks roll.

The truth is passed by word of mouth upon generations.

It rarely is found in books written under scrutiny.

Dedicated to the whole marvelous lot of you:




Many of us were like babes in the woods with our belief that fixing this was as simple as showing evidence and using common sense to sway the masses. Oh what we have learned in the last 2 years.

The depth and breadth of the corruption is still breathtaking despite what we now know.

Now, of course, it makes sense why it has taken so long and will continue to but aside from that we are due a solid and unmistakable win. It's coming. I believe.

@Andre @h53pilot @COGnitiveAnalysis

I just yawned and torqued a muscle in my neck.

Now I have to keep my head sideways or else it screams at me.

Old age sucks.

@h53pilot @pamby1 @Andre

Oh I don't doubt they were watching well before 2020. They've stated as much.

But I think they needed to push them to the limits to make them show their full hand so that they new all the weapons they had in their tool shed.

If you don't know what the full arsenal is you can't prevent enough of it the next time to insure a clean victory.

Expectations of subtle changes are quaint.

Reality requires armor.

@COGnitiveAnalysis @pamby1 @Andre

It was a gradual approach.

Trump defeated the steal in 2016 by surprise.

He observed the steal of the House in 2018 (EO 13848).

He captured the entire steal in 2020 and attempted to fix it the conventional way (Congress, law enforcement, SCOTUS). It failed.

They will now disrupt 2022.

t.me/ScottPresler/1304 Scott Pressler on telegram "I’m getting messages from conservatives across the country that they’ve been accepted as Election Day Workers.

This election, we’ll have eyes & ears at polling locations to ensure there are no irregularities."

@Katrina_Fights @Andre @1031 @Argentum47

Don’t you find it interesting that Russia is using so many Iranian drones in Ukraine?

Iranian drones.

How did they become so advanced?

Pallets of cash and what else?


That’s all.


You know his name.


I couldn't agree more. I just now wrote in response to @Arcalian that the left will do whatever it takes to keep the House & Senate. Whatever. It. Takes. They have no morals, they have the media in hand, and certainly breaking laws won't stop them.

Head on a swivel indeed. Like you, I expect something really awful.

They've put All Things Covid to bed.

That means only one thing.

They have finished preparations for The Next Big Thing.

Head on a swivel.

Prep, pray and support each other.

(I'm preaching to the choir here - y'all already know these things).


- a Cat 4 hurricane just wiped out half the state of Florida.

- the Biden regime quickly moves to approve 12.5 billion to help Florida and plan on spending almost 100 billion this year on the devastated state's relief efforts.

Just kidding - all that's for Ukraine.

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