Chinese Regime Conspiracy Theory: U.S. Creating Insect ‘Bio-Weapons’ to Cause Famines:

China’s state-run Global Times took a stab on Tuesday at blaming the impending global food crisis not on the invasion of Ukraine by China’s ally Russia, or the worldwide shipping disruptions caused by China’s brutal coronavirus lockdowns, but on super-insects weaponized by the U.S. military and dispatched to cause deliberate famines in “rival countries.”

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I think of that often!
It was so impromptu, and off script as Miller says.
It's as if he couldn't bear the thought of what Mike Pence had volunteered to put himself through in future days.
That's the distinct feeling I got.

Why Was A "Retired" FBI Agent Talking Online With The Buffalo Shooter?

Would you spend your retirement on the Internet with a teenage mass shooter?

Emerald Robinson

Here’s a story out of Buffalo that’s drawing very little media attention: a supposedly “retired” FBI agent was regularly communicating with the Buffalo shooter — before the shooting.


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Very interesting take HB... so you are saying it was not a Military operation per se, but more a Pence operation?? How long is the Future you reference?

This occurred Miller/Pence exchange occurred in celebration of the Space Force 1 year birthday.

Read Pence Speech right after Miller Spoke

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Miller thanks Pence for leading (successfully) one of the most important military operations in history.

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Thanks for the links!
I'm done speculating about Pence.
To me he is one of the good guys, and he has the strong stoic kind of character that a lot of people misinterpret as weakness.
I would hate to be in his position, where everything he has accomplished in his long career is forgotten in the fog of war.
But his type really doesn't give 2 shits what anyone thinks of him, so long as the plan to save America succeeds.

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Well, there may be more white hats involved in saving America than we know.
Judas goats.
Double agents.
Triple agents.
We can only look on and do our best to survive.
Impossible to know.

Twitter wouldn't allow me to post this link.

So I broke it and posted it that way.

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Short update - I’ve been digging into the history of voting systems in Georgia and uncovered a sordid history dating back to 2000. Very political. At least there are papers to read and Court decisions.

High level - At this time I haven’t found anyone emerging from the quagmire who looks remotely like a shiny white knight.

Area of focus - Who initiated the push for new voting machines in 2019 and when exactly?


Who initiated the push, when, and who owns them??

I suspect we'll see some familiar names.

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This is why deep state wants UN boots on the ground in America. Do you think foreigners are going to run into danger to protect you?

Not at all. They are the one's who are going to be too busy putting bullets in everyone. They will have zero interest in American values or lives.

I bet not a one of those LEO's milling about outside the school had a loved one in the school.

Get armed - get skilled, & protect your 2A rights. You will be all that stands between them & your family.

Beautiful... it also portentous

Inga Sarda-Sorensen
@isardasorensen [twitter]

Fiery pink & gold skies above tonight.

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That's not the only reason a VP is picked.
President Trump entrusted him with crucial military operations, etc (Miller thank you)
Time will tell

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Pence is a well spoken, smart, articulate, thoughtful person. I think he is a lot stronger than most give him credit for. He never Embarrassed President Trump or the country in 4/1/2 years. Everyone points to him being a traitor or having a bad opinion of because of Jan 6th.
Watch Videos of him the prior 4 years, he stood tall and proud by President Trump always. Its not his fault he has the personality of a wet rag. All I'm saying is keep an open mind.

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Carter was always such a putz. Who remembers "Jimmy who?" He should never have aspired to more than hammering nails in Habitat for Humanity houses. Good heart, lousy leader.

Uvalde School District Police Chief Who Ordered the Cops NOT to Engage the School Shooter Was Elected to City Council Just Days Before Massacre
“According to a law enforcement official who anonymously spoke to The New York Times, the agents had been puzzled as to why they were being told not to enter the school and engage the gunman.
Arredondo, who was born in Uvalde and was elected to city council just days before the massacre, has had an unremarkable career as a cop.”

It's not doom and gloom when you approach it from a preparedness angle.

Get Ready!

Mark My Words...THIS is Coming in 2022 - It's Time to Sound the Alarm, and Prepare

“We declare and the data confirm that the COVID-19 Experimental Genetic therapy Injections must end.”

“The data now show that these experimental gene therapy treatments can damage your children as well as yourself. They can damage your heart, your brain, your reproductive tissue, and your lungs. This can include permanent damage and disablement of your immune system.”

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