Humanity has suddenly become a school of minnows, mindlessly fleeing from every eddy in current events.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

For 2+ years I have prayed daily an approximation of the following:

β€œFather, May the evil planned against us be turned on those who planned it, may their schemes come to nothing, and may what is done in the dark be brought to light. Strengthen those fighting and crown their efforts with success. Open the eyes of the people.”

I believe the failure cascade the Left is now in is an answer to that prayer. I see the hand of God at work. Remember the Pharoah & what God did to his heart.

Sorry to delay responding.

I was off looking for the clip of PDJT reacting to Kim Jong-Un speaking. Trump definitely understood what KJU was saying.

Re. the Soros clan:

It's obvious there's more to them than meets the eye.

Is Alex trans?

He is extremely effeminate in build. Alex/Alexis/Alexandria?

@JFAnon @moleena @KodiakIsland @MMA

He speaks Korean and kept that under wraps

His whole family is multi- lingual for a reason

Trump has been planning to be president for 40 years.

This doesn't surprise me one bit.

Even now.. if it's true that we're in devolution... is classic fall-back to encourage the enemy to come forward into the trap.

They say Trump had no military experience? Strategy is strategy. I'm not military and I'm great at chess.

It's a board; there are moves.


"Put in a vegetable garden like your life depends on it."

If you expect easy, you have been plucked down in the wrong lifeline.

Where is BLM?


Not a single protester at the rally yet tonight.

You'd think, after Xiden won, that they'd be in a position to press harder to cement the victory.

But... nothing.

As badly as Biden wants to pressure the remaining 35 million unvaxxed into obedience.


Someone took care of that. Like they took care of the cheating machine in VA during the last election.


Good stuff.

"They're either evil or they're incompetent"

They are both.

Submit your will to God. Humble yourself. There is no joy in life like knowing Christ and being one with Him.

We don't have to do this alone. God will lead us through the troubled waters.

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Humble Pie - it's never killed anybody - it just goes down really dry.

Time to put our stumbling blocks to the side in submission and love to one another. Clean up some areas [offences, petty differences] that give the enemy a foothold.

When you isolate yourself, that's when the enemy puts his boots to you and are you going to pick yourself up?

This thing we're experiencing - it's touching everyone. It's coming into every home.

This cattle rancher is allowing me to share his info. He is interested in the possibility of out-of-state shipment of his meat product. His sells in 1/4 beef increments. I am posting both his phone number and his fb page. He likes text messages because it allows him to check in btn. his duties. I have not purchased from him yet, but he has a solid reputation in the local beef community.

Doug Kassmeier
Contact me at 1-402-317-1016 if you are interested in fresh beef

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