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So you're telling me that the Monkey pox disease appeared right before the WHO convened to gain more power and now all of the deep state players are working overtime to take away our guns right as their great reset meeting goes on and free masons we're spotted on the scene of the shooting?
We. Are. Awake.
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...independence, and royal sovereignty asserted by KSA & GCC allies. The WEF is also the enemy of the oil and gas industry.

The fact that KSA is playing nice with these ghouls is, for me very telling.

While the USA burns and the globalist neofascists prop up the Nazis in Ukraine, the Davos gloating and preening event is a perfect opportunity for the Saudis to create an illusion of agreement and even complicity.

I predict the reality is the exact opposite.


We caught them all.


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Media is complicit.

Medical licensing boards are complicit.

Hospital and health care systems are complicit.

Pharma is complicit.

Governors, Congress are complicit.

They sold us all out for filthy money.

They covered up the facts.

They allowed children and babies to be injured or killed.

For filthy mammon.

There isn't enough rope.

But God will be their final Judge.

And He cannot be bribed.

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This is something I've seen a lot of lately. Kids pressuring parents to vaxx over their objections.

There's never been ANY time that its okay to ask about this kind of personal information. It's illegal. And we can see the reason: look how divisive this is.

She didn't ask your opinion before making this decision, so that means she thought it through and didn't want to talk to you about it. Or she assumes you'll roll over: Once you say yes once, it's hard to say NO.



He tipped his hand, this whole entire thing is deliberate.

We are living through Obama's third term.
"Gas will necessarily skyrocket." - Obama

*F* them all to hell.

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If it doesn’t clot your blood and you survive it then destroys your immune system, kills you slowly. Doctors say it is a combination of a variant that can escape the vaccine’s effects and the most vulnerable also being the most vaccinated So they're pretty openly admitting to original antigenic sin

DotWin thread:

Chan thread"

When it comes to violence we all know the glaring elephant in the room. No one will say it out loud.

I got goosebumps listening to this man's prophetic dream last night--may it be so! Mass arrests at the Capitol, by the Lord's hand, using Special Ops forces.

All 16 Runners Who Collapsed and Runner Who Died at Brooklyn Half Marathon Said They Were Vaccinated

@Kehar I found this article that has many AWESOME DMSO recipes. Thought I'd share with FA. Excited to try this on my husband's neuropathy and gonna put on shingles too.


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