It does not get much better than this.

After creating the most coercive and corrosive national working environment in history with legally questionable policies on jabs, the POTATUS administration proposes to remedy the record number of resignations sweeping the nation by implementing the "Good Jobs Initiative."

With a straight face, CNN reports:

The initiative, led by the Labor Department, will establish a broad framework across the federal government to inform workers of their rights -- including their right to collectively bargain, engage employers in improving jobs to retain workers and deploy federal agencies to bolster the plan.

"Inform workers of their rights"????


After attempting to implement the most invasive and unlawful intrusion into personal bodily autonomy in history, they are going to inform workers of their "rights"?


They are utterly tone deaf:


I read this thread to my husband and his first reaction is, "Biden is not demented, or stupid. This is them intentionally tearing down our country. While we laugh at them, or shake our heads at them, they are moving forward in their plan of destroying the country."


I laugh at their attempts to tear down the country.

If people did not have hope that Trump was putting together a response that we can all get behind, many would have already gotten busy with their own responses.

The left have no idea what they are messing with. They think they are the badasses in control.

Patriots have barely gotten started yet.


@Andre @SweetIceTea It reminds me of this graphic that was posted here earlier--it's amazing to realize that the Left firmly believes that they are the "good guys"....

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