Dog posts have been missing and I'll fix that momentarily.

Yesterday was my 45th wedding anniversary. How this is possible for someone who is only 39 is a mystery of life.

Today was that training session. Dog post coming. Did you miss them?

Interesting. Our ex Prime Minister has been accused of making himself the joint health, finance and resources ministers during the pandemic, in secret...

Anthony Albanese orders probe into claims of Scott Morrison's secret ministry grab during COVID-19

The Pit was an info op.

The next steps are to democratize the data, to transfer the OSINT material they have found to independent researchers. It will be up to this community to dig, analyze, and disperse the information further into the public's view.

This is an info op and always was.

Up to us to continue the op.

It was a privilege to attend this event. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and please continue to pray for Gregg, Catherine and True The Vote.


There is a list of 1.8 million election workers in the US worh their names, their info, their kids (kids names listed in all caps), their voter records, addresses, etc, all on a CCP server that lives in a university in China.

Like an oozing boil on the butt of the USA - the Biden crime family.

The senior Biden strategist has worked with a host of corporate clients at the influential firm SKDK, but a loophole is keeping possible conflicts of interest out of the public eye.

If whites are as hateful toward blacks as CRT likes to claim, how to explain those figures?

For that matter, how do the woke explain the fact that, statistically, white police officers are no more likely to use force, including deadly force, against black suspects than are black officers? In a related vein, how do they explain the phenomenon of black case workers with state child welfare authorities being more likely than white case workers to take children from black parents?

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What is really scary, is that once again, the Dems are weaponizng a Government agency to do their dirty work for them.

This is Obama’s playbook - I.e. - Weponize the IRS. Same mode of operation here, just using the FBI instead - again.

When this is happening, we’ve crossed a line, and it can’t be uncrossed.

This should be most concerning, because this is what the Nazis, Stalin, and Mao did, and it worked.


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Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced Articles of Impeachment for Merrick Taylor. It won't go anywhere with Pelousy holding fort in the House, but it's still a black mark on his record and may send a message to back off, knowing the next time she or someone else does it, the House could be controlled by the Republicans.

BANNON: Merrick Garland is a lawless scumbag who just wet himself in front of the nation

Democrats are loudly proclaiming the Mar-a-Lago raid pushed them over the edge. They're voting Red in November and for President Trump in 2024, come Hell, high water or the FBI.

I bet at least 50% of documents that get classified are primarily just stuff they don't want you and me to know about, not 'national security."

Benn Garrison: Remember when the Democrats used to call themselves the "party of tolerance" ...I think they really meant "totalitarians"

🇺🇸 Sidney Powell 🇺🇸 🗽
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BREAKING: Project Veritas reveals that GOP Senator Murkowski secretly supported ranked-choice voting in Alaska to ensure re-election

A large aluminum plant in KY is shutting down and laying off 600 employees.

They can't afford the cost of energy to stay open.

My favorite to see on job postings seeking applicants-

"We are an equal opportunity employer"


"We welcome diversity in all applicants" or if they are really bold it's "We will consider our diversity fulfillment requirements in the hiring process."

Yeah, right. Your second tag line kind of blows up the first one all to hell.

I guess some classes of applicants are just a little more equal than others right out of the gate.🤮

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