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The sentiment is understandable to me as I too shared it.
Wont say I'm a fan yet, but reconsidering my position as we watch things play out further.

Hoping he stayed, and did as told until the timing was perfect to turn the tables on the real bad guys.

"Let's see what happens..."


I hear you, all I'm saying is lets see finally... we could all be back to saying Fuck Jack...

Thiel, Musk, Dorsey, Elision, something is going on... There are other Tech Billionaires lurking on the Trump Train too...

And Jack Ma too..


Nothing being Wrong about being wrong, but lets see how it all shakes out. I've had a years long Feeling @jack was a good guy..

@ArnGrimR @Phil @watson

I blocked him immediately after... not because I'm afraid of what he might say, (who cares) but I wanted him to be blocked like he did to me 😁

Only thing is-- now I can't see all the other trolling from others or boost them!!!

Is it looking good?

Perhaps this is part of the answer as to why Marine deaths from "COVID" didn't start until after the mandate...

Also the data driven argument of those w natural immunity having superior immunity - and those with the vaxx carrying a higher viral load and having a more severe COVID compared to nonvaxxed peers.

It's all there. Plain as day.

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This is from my friend who not only was a career pediatrician but also the former Surgeon General of the US Navy. He is wise and seasoned.

@THEDodgerPrincess Forgive me, but it seems like this baby formula thing might have a good outcome.

Seems like babies were able to survive without it and, notice there's the same anti make-your-own propaganda as there was for Ivermectin.

Leaving out the horrible thing that Pfizer/Moderna have done to breast milk, is it not better if we don't have some evil company feeding babies? Wonder if this is a tough but necessary hit we have to take.

I’m from Arizona.So about 16 years ago I married the most beautiful girl (from Chicago) in the world. I’ve had enough of pool maintenance after having many pools. But, being from Chicago, my bride wanted a pool. We compromised. It may not be PC (I don’t give a shit) but I call above ground pools “trailer park pools.” So we’ve had a trailer park pool, instead of installing a permanent in ground one, for the past 5 years.Interestingly, the water in a trailer park pool is just as wet.

Breaking News:

You can get monkey pox from shaking hands. So do not shake hands with a monkey and do not shake hands with anyone who has been spanking one.

“De Blasio announced Friday that he will be seeking the Democratic nomination for the newly drawn 10th Congressional District. Rep. Jerrold Nadler occupies the seat, but has announced his plans to vacate.”

I would advise whom ever takes over Nadler’s seat, to be sure to sanitize it thoroughly.


Remind yourself of this:

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Marvelous are his works,
And this my soul knows very well.

Hmmm...isn't it interesting that racism and jealousy are almost identical.

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