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And then the mic drops.

Fuck you Twitter and fuck all of your self righteous,trans affirming, neo marxist/post modernist censorious ideologues.

Fuck your feelings, fuck your warped, insidious, heinous, corrosive, corrupt pro CHILD MUTILATING, pro paedophile ideology.

Make a stand.

Dig a trench if you have to.

But never more of capitulate to these people directing the narrative and the culture war.

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"Far More Serious Than Nuclear War" - We Must Put an End to Gain-of-Function Research

Dr. Roger Hodkinson: "Any place that continues to do gain-of-function ... should be [expunged] out of existence because of its grotesque potential to kill the human race. Period."

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In a letter to the president, Justice Stephen Breyer says that his retirement will take effect at noon on Thursday, after issues the remaining opinions.

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@Phil Hey Phil did you get my message about picking up wool?

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@Andre @ArnGrimR
Duane made a great point on his latest substack. We're being swarmed by trolls, all of sudden.

"TRUTH Social, Telegram and Twitter are now awash in trolls, Wu Maos and Operatives determined to rile up conservatives to TAKE TO THE STREETS to combat ANTIFA & violent pro choice activists.

"You can see these Glowies from orbit."

I have had three in the last 2 days.

It is deliberate.

Just be aware.

They waste our time. In this theater, their motives are very suspect.

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On twitter
"Before the US had a Department of Education, the US was #1 in the world-today not in top #20."

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A comment on the illusion of the MSM.

The MSM would have you think that you need all of their hightech appurtenance.


What you need is a few reasonably reliable sources of news, & a pair of eyes and ears that you trust enough to reflect material reality.

That, plus a tavern. A place of bright conversation such as was used in The Revolution. Not a big place, just some good people and a place to talk.

I conceive of FA as a modern iteration of those taverns.

That's my main contribution.

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I believe that all military installations in the US are federal property. So for military members, the UCMJ applies and the military would have primary jurisdiction. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The air smells a little more like freedom today. Have a great weekend all 🙂

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FYI They are using green for this chapter of the color revolution.


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