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To everyone who responded so kindly to my dilemma, thank you. Thank you for your sympathy, for your best wishes, and your prayers.

My entire family has been vaxed/ boosted. I have no explanation as to why no one has suffered ill consequences as a result.While I am grateful for this, it diminishes our argument for why we don't want to get boosters.

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One of you wondered if there wasn't something more going on here, and I believe there is. My daughter, wicked smart all of her life, may see our rejection of the boosters as a rejection of her knowledge & training. That she wants this validation is understandable, but that doesn't help me now. I don't know what we're going to do. The suggestion about getting tested before/during the wedding is good

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And I will suggest taking a suitcase full of test kits with us to her. I have a feeling, though, that it's boosters or nothing.

What I don't understand is that vaccines are supposed to protect the vaccinated. Not getting a booster makes US at risk, not everyone else.

I hear through the family grapevine that she's devastated that her parents may not be at her wedding. Enter the vultures.

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The family is now picking at our flesh: How can you not go to your daughter's wedding (which hasn't even been determined yet). It's just a booster. You have only one daughter. She'll be in pain the rest of her life over this. She'll never forgive you. On and on it goes.

Old scabs are being picked at. Shoulda done this as a parent, shoulda done that.


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Just say no.
Something has made her feel she can hold you hostage to her perspective, and I wouldn't allow it to happen to me under any circumstances.
And the people that care about me know better than to ask...not because they know my response, but because they care about me.

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Exactly. It's manipulative.

My family tried to shame us as well, how could we not go to our daughter's wedding? It didn't matter that she wanted us to sit in the back of the church, not be acknowledged as her parents.

We didn't go. A few years later she reached out to us.

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