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The background picture on the profile is the biggest tell. He loves to think he is connected to either Sidney Powell or Mike Flynn. Nobody could guess that unless it was him or someone super close to him.

He is trying to pose as something that he is not, as always! Of millions of images that could be used, THAT was the one selected?

Occam’s Razor. I throw the bullshit card down on this.


The more amusing thing is, I'm pretty sure plenty of the CheerSQuod are on TS, which is a big 🖕to whatever they may have said or pledged like never leaving SQV.

The only thing is, there's no TS Local Timeline so all of the posts are limited to each poster's reach.

As long as we don't get booted unnecessarily, we're ready. Or at least @PeachyGrits is and we'll follow her lead!

@Phil @MMA @TXPatriot2021 @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @Andre

@nchia They're probably lying to us. Saul dipped his toe in to test the waters-now his minions are saying the acct is fake.

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Think about how dumb that is. The peofile has his name, his face, and his website. If someone was impersonating you so well that they included all that, and you didn't want to be there, you'd get the profile taken down. So he wants it up.

Why do they need to be on TS anyway? They have their echo chamber.

Very interesting.

@Andre @nchia @MMA @TXPatriot2021 @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman @PeachyGrits indeed. I saw her stuff with Saul and Drop (which refers to the size of his manhood) and I made a not to myself to not cross @PeachyGrits. If she and @MMA were to gang up on me, I am sure I wouldn't survive.

@MMA @TXPatriot2021 @Luther @TinyHouse4Life @Phil @LeaTXlrp @agitatedman

Kinda weird to use that Gen Flynn pic as a banner, where he’s walking behind like a neglected dog.

Unleash the @Andre!

First thing on my computer when I turn it on said… Phil is following me! I’m sure it’s our Phil so I followed him back. 🤣😂🤣😂

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