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@HunDriverWidow @Andre Follow 'Nancy Drew' on TG. She films activity in DC nearly every day. Very interesting. It's nearly a ghost town.

@creeksidewilly and THAT, is how you take Christ out of Christmas. That's what this is. Literally, They are taking Christ and all things spiritual out. Instead, focusing on the greed and selfishness that boil up.these people are sick.

Have ya'll seem Jill's WH decorations? Not posting till confirmed they are real. What I've seen is an abomination. If they are somebody needs to apologize to Melania 😑

South African doctor says omicron variant symptoms β€˜unusual but mild’
"So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer the loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough."
by Peter Aitken | Fox News

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They call this "Progress"'s only progress if their aim is to destroy America.

Well...That's their plan, Stan.
If you listen to them...they tell you how much they hate America.

@h53pilot @jmc464 @CDuBois @rajeev @Andre As long as a government has the power to tax and regulate, it has something to sell to the highest bidders, whether they be foreign agents, corporations, union bosses, billionaires. This was partly the argument for laissez faire Capitalism, which has never fully existed. Ayn Rand imagined an amendment, or new clause, to the Constitution that said, Congress shall pass no laws that abridge the freedom of production and trade." Still a radical idea.

How long have we had to listen to the climate fear mongers...this many at least. Total baloney!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Counting my blessings. πŸ™

At the end of the press conference, a reporter asked her "How would you like to see this whole thing end?"

"Eliminate the mandates. Let people have a choice in how they deal with COVID. Recognize that early treatment is effective. But most importantly, we all want autonomy of our body - We don't want someone telling us we have to have an injection. I think that there has got to be protection for doctors that have concerns. We need to get politics out of healthcare."

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Counting my blessings. πŸ™

Dedicated to The Kenosha Judge and Jury...

Kate Smith "God Bless America".

"Innocent until proven guilty." A concept the MSM and the dem/left need to understand still applies in America. I hope the coming lawsuits give them a clue.

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