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Dear Free Atlantians,

Starting a sentence with “LET ME BE CLEAR” is a tell... We see this this phrase used quite a bit now, right?

What happens when YOU hear or read “LET ME BE CLEAR” at the beginning of a sentence?

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To all my old and new comrades, I’m so happy to see you! 🥰

For those who are checking things out and haven’t taken the plunge, just do it!

Hi FAm
I have a prayer request
My brother, who is active duty Army, just returned from outside of the country. He’s very sick with Covid.

Triple vaxxed because of Army orders.

When my SIL (his ex) was sick with Covid last month, I sent ivermectin for her, AND my brother, and their kids. Plus a nebulizer and peroxide.

She’s fine; it worked.

I have no hope that he’ll neb/use the meds. He is woke; plus our relationship isn’t where he’ll trust me.

Please pray that my SIL gets him to take it.

📰 Across the pond…

“Every trans child treated on NHS in past decade will have medical records scrutinised to see how many regret transitioning“

— It will allow the records of everyone who had therapy between 2009 and 2020 to be studied as part of a larger review of NHS gender dysphoria treatment.

Will they include the suicides in their findings? 🤔

📱 🎶 🎙 🥓

“I grew up with Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope. Now there's no jobs, no cash, and no hope. Please don't let anything happen to Kevin Bacon.”

Via: @realJoelFischer

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer said the GOP offered Doug Logan (who ran the AZ forensic audit) 2 million dollars not to include Jovan's findings. Jovan was offered 10 million not to do the audit. Both turned it down. That's about about the 2:10:40 minute mark.

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"A team of researchers based at five centres across Ontario have zeroed in on a microscopic abnormality in the way oxygen moves from the lungs and into the blood vessels of long COVID patients in their trial,” Global News reported. “This abnormality could explain why these patients feel breathless and are unable to perform strenuous activities.

All these patients had this abnormality ..
We’re not moving the oxygen as efficiently as we should"



Too bad this didn't exist before the hearing. Someone could have LARPED Jan 6th committee into playing it as evidence. 🤣

I initially found this meme on TG.. looks like it was a copy of @Nautposo
Here’s his Truth link!

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OMG 😆🚨❤️🚨🤩🇺🇸💥

Inside “The Beast” of Pres Trump assaulting USSS Agents!!!!!

OMG FAmily! We got the BEST news from CHOP. Dr thinks Landon's in stage 3 which is the healing phase. WHAT? THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN! 😱

He still should do low impact but can walk and ride a bike and be a kid.

If he starts to hurt then things could change but at this time no treatment needed at all. Still do PT mobility exercises. Recheck in Oct. Can go to school not in a stroller. OMG. 😁😭😭😭😁

Praise God! I'm elated! It's truly a miracle! I'm so emotional right now! Thank you all soooo much! ❤️🙏🏻

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Good morning FAmily! Please continue to pray for my grandson Landon❤️. He has his CHOP visit with his new Dr at 8:15 this am 😑🙏🏻 They have arrived😢 Mom and dad are on it! They have their questions all written up with pen and pad ready.

God, Thank you for our many blessings. Please give good treatments, good predictions and complete answers today for sweet Landon and heal him rapidly, Lord. Please be with mom and dad and give them strength, patience and support. Amen

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Via @ NautPoso

(Sorry if this is a duplicate post.. it’s just too awesome)

Update on Dr. Zelenko:

As it was mentioned last night he has been intubated in the ICU after being put through a very intense and extreme last-hope type of treatment yesterday. They were able to get about 2/3 of the treatment finished before they had to stop due to extremely high blood pressure from the procedure.

@LeaTXlrp @Mongo3804 everything i've read he seems like such a nice and exceptional man. would love to meet him.

🇺🇸🗽🚎 🗺 🤩👏
CC: @Mongo3804

“Thomas tries to keep it on the down-low, but he’s sometimes recognized...

‘So I’m in there w/ big truckers, the 18-wheelers. I think it was a Pilot truck stop in Pennsylvania,’ Thomas recalled. ‘And you have to go through a process - you put on your fueling gloves, and you have to kick the tires. I never figured that out, but you do it b/c you’re a professional.. this black trucker comes over..& says, ‘You that judge?’ I said, 'Yeah.’.., ‘Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone.’”

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