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Chief Nerd

Today Dr. Zelenko underwent a very risky procedure to try and kill his cancer.

The docs completed 50% of the procedure. The team of doctors stopped as he was at serious risk of cardiac failure.

He is in critical condition, intubated for the next 48 hours in ICU and not out of the woods.

His wife is with him as well as his dear friend who has been by his side since Dr. Zelenko became a worldwide household name.


"Junior staffer".
I'm not putting much stock in this.

Adam Schiff on MSM="I've seen mountains of evidence of Trump colluding with Russia"

Adam Schiff behind closed doors under sworn testimony="I ain't seen shit"

Hey, @nchia

Does this mean what it looks like?

FA is the second busiest instance?

Is that possible?


American as Apple pie.

Love him. And I sure was glad he was there when we lost Scalia.


Amazing that pure patriotism is now a counter culture tool!

@Andre @ArnGrimR
Duane made a great point on his latest substack. We're being swarmed by trolls, all of sudden.

"TRUTH Social, Telegram and Twitter are now awash in trolls, Wu Maos and Operatives determined to rile up conservatives to TAKE TO THE STREETS to combat ANTIFA & violent pro choice activists.

"You can see these Glowies from orbit."

I have had three in the last 2 days.

It is deliberate.

Just be aware.

They waste our time. In this theater, their motives are very suspect.

(Sorry if this is old news!)

🚙 👨‍⚖️👑🗽📜 🇺🇸

“'Big rig man' Clarence Thomas gets away from it all”

Retweet via Posobiec:

A slide thread of who's really on what side of the "abortion issue."

Please, read this ENTIRE report from Eurasian media on Armenia backing out of US agreement. There’s so much more. It is STACKED with juicy details, including photos of American and Armenian officials opening a new biolab in 2017. It’s loaded.


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Blahahaaa 🤣 You don’t say?!? Color me shocked!

“Biden's nominee to lead ICE through the border crisis withdraws after waiting more than a year for his Senate confirmation vote and complains of 'political gridlock' .”


My friends ship big beef boxes every week, packed with dry ice.
The meat ships frozen, and arrives frozen.

Reminder:📍The GOPe (Controlled Opposition) are partners with the left.

Stephen Coughlin and the late Rich Higgins of “Unconstrained Analytics” blew the lid off the game and exposed the insurgency that seeks America’s destruction.

Read this.. It will change your perspective on everything you thought you knew about the war raging inside America, how it started, who is behind it, and who enables its success.

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