Liberal Women Threaten Sex Strikes to Save Roe, to No One's Dismay

Some on the left have come up with creative ways they think will encourage people to save Roe v. Wade.

Earlier this week on The View, co-host Joy Behar floated the idea of a sex strike.

Co-host Sara Haines called it “a perfect weapon and method for the topic we’re talking about.”

“A sex strike by Democrat women would end the need for abortions,” observed cartoonist Scott Adams. “Everyone wins.”

This is the first double bank holiday we had in Ireland outside Christmas. It is a rare event. Government decide to make Friday a new Bank Holiday next to paddy day today and will move it to February from next year onwards.

Nothing to see here folks, just the Australian Health Official now admitting that the vaccinated are dying from Myocarditis.


Yesterday: Biden wears an N95 mask while walking alone outside.

Today: He walks into a crowded room shaking hands while maskless.

Science is super convenient!

Ukraine BioLab Origin story?

2005: POTUS Bush; VPOTUS Cheney; SOS Powell; SOD: Rumsfeld.

The BioLabs are owned by DOD so Secretary of Defense was aware at minimum. The Embassy would have been involved so Secretary of State was aware at minimum.

Coincidentally? Powell stepped down January 26 of 2005.

A medical doctor states that there no longer is a doctor/ patient relationship, because the medical profession is under a gag order about covid.

This is exactly why the trust in the medical profession is broken.

@thendrix Name and shame those who do and those who collect. Boycott those services who do buy the trucks.

Leftist mindset-

Anyone who disagrees with me is a

*White supremacist
*POS who belongs in a camp

Pure toddler think.

Ridicule these assholes. Laugh & point fingers at them.

Debate does not work on these hive-minded collective group-think dipshits of the cultish dumbass brigade.

Dismiss them outright and laugh in their faces.

It TRIGGERS the F out of them.😂

Fake toughs with "hurt words" never want to go hands on.


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