Today in Melbourne Australia 60k warriors singing against tyranny

@nchia yeah. Although mainstream media completely lied about numbers and narrative. As usual...


I’m surprised they were able to considering how much the Victorian Govt and Police have been clamping down.

@nchia they have settled as the lockdown is not in full swing like it was a few weeks ago. We also had a just resigned senior police officer speak at the last two rallies, which I think has made the cops change their tune.


We have family in Melbourne. It’s just crazy.

Here’s a couple I’ve interacted with from Victoria.

@idle @johnglavine

@nchia @idle @johnglavine I hope your family are safe and ok. I’m staying organic. Even though the pressures on. So tyrannical

@Linden @idle @johnglavine

I’m in Sydney, so slightly better. Wife’s siblings and parents in Melbourne and so are the only cousins with our kids.

Just way over the top with the “unvaccinated”.

@nchia @idle @johnglavine Sydney has had it pretty tough too. The apartheid is so disgraceful.

@Linden @idle @johnglavine

It’s all relative.

The segregation is so obviously deliberate, almost everywhere around the globe. The conflation of the unvaxxed and virus spreader is so anti science yet so easily swallowed by the gullible.

Hoping Australia will pull back from the brink. At least the three eastern states. NT is nuts. SA and WA virtually no longer exist! TBH, haven’t kept up with Tassie!

@nchia @idle @johnglavine I’m sad for what’s happening to our country. Tribal Sovereign Nations leader David Cole was violently arrested in NT today at the protest, as he has been calling it all out. It’s disgraceful what’s happening

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