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What happened the first time was back in the 1990s Hillary and Bill Clinton Co-Presidency.

Rush Limbaugh was doing some of his best shows ever.

Mr. Newt had just taken the House with the "Contract with America".

Eye watering political lawlessness was being exposed right and left. . . .

A Special Counsel had been appointed.

and: doofus, naive me, actually thought those of us who value Liberty, the United States Constitution, and the rule of law - not of men would prevail.



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Seen just now on my social media feed.

Those rich dudes provided a method by which the US Constitution could be changed. In fact, the Constitution had to be amended ten times before it could be ratified, and has been amended seventeen times since. 17? 🤔

If you really are "The Other 98%", amending the US Constitution to reflect your post modern values should be easy peasy. So what's the beef? 🙄

Let's just get past the holdup of trying to wake these people up and release the hounds. Shall we?

Come on Kash, Seth, Gregg, True the Vote, Jovan et al. Start dropping your swamp "bombshells" - if you actually have any to drop.

The democratic socialists on my social media don't have anything more significant to whine about right now than Trump's alleged table manners and driving skills.



One might notice I have left Durham the disappointment off from my previous list.


@pamby1 writes,

“Indiana will no longer require a handgun permit to legally carry, conceal or transport a handgun within the state."

Now, let’s do Illinois!


I see from a post by @SLAG on TS, the Supreme Court remanded two firearm magazine capacity limitation cases and one "assault weapon" case to lower courts for reconsideration in light of the opinion released last week.


I dragged out my MAGA hat today.

If only a fraction of what I have seen and read over the past two years, and especially over the last two months, is true: ⬇️ is going to be an impossible task.

Let's hope the few of us who are not still asleep or worse, looking gleefully forward to tyranny disguised as utopia, are up to the daunting task of turning the impossible into the possible.

Truly WWG1WGA.

I close my eyes for one nanosecond and @Phil who was 17 is now 21.

"U" Clearance Patriot. . . . . . This is harder to keep up with than when "Q" started dropping in late October 2017. I didn't get it then either 😱.

What was it "Q" said?, 4 to 6%?

Judging from my social media feed today, I think that's low.

Very low. 🙄

Let's just chuck the red pilling and get on with the . . . . .




To the "Q" folks.

I cant remember the url of the "Q" drop aggregator site I used to check. I thought it was, but that doesn't go anywhere.

Can someone suggest one or more so I can reconnect.

It's very good to see the racist roots of gun control acknowledged in Justice Thomas' Supreme Court decision today!



Clarence Thomas goes SCORCHED EARTH in based 2A opinion:

"Public carry was a component of the right to keep and bear arms—a right free blacks were often denied in antebellum America."

Always fully behind the right to bear arms. I could take guns or leave them - until - Hill and Bill started their war on guns in the mid 1990s.

At that point, like millions then and now, I ran to the gun store and jumped in with both feet. Joined the NRA, became a life member, the whole deal.

To see Clarence Thomas and the Supreme Court affirm the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America is a BIG F'ING DEAL for me.

No Dooming Today! Tomorrow?

Exactly! And it's not just inalienable gun rights That have been "compromised" away. ⬇️

The court may be correct in that most people aren't bearing holstered arms in their bedrooms or at the kitchen table, but always being in the minority, I do. 🤣

I don't take mine off and put it away until I am ready to settle down in the evening with a nice glass of Cabernet.


See. Give me a good reason to not be a "doomer" and I won't be a "doomer".

The court also specifically laid waste to the often expressed, brain dead insanity that, while the first amendment not only protects "speech" written on parchment by quill pens dipped in an ink well, but also "speech" typed on a computer and posted on the internet, however, the second amendment protects muskets, but, inexplicably, does not apply to modern rifles, carbines, and pistols owned in the millions and used regularly.


It looks like today was a great day for Americans and the right to keep and bear arms:

"The test that we set forth in Heller and apply today requires courts to assess whether modern firearms regulations are consistent with the Second Amendment’s text and historical understanding."

And they settled the sheer utter rubbish nonsense that the right is restricted to a militia and is the only right recognized in the Bill of Rights which applies to "the state" and does not apply to "the people".


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