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For My Friend

Running around the lake this morning,
I thought of my friend on the other side.

I asked him to join me.

Sun shone on frosted grass,
Refracting light,
Tiny rainbows scattered across the marsh.

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“Everything that is tearing us down today will become a memory, and this memory will be shared as an anecdote or a story or a poem or a play or a warning. It will be shared with another human being, who will then understand that he is not alone in his sadness. This is why we show up for others and tell our tales and listen to others. The great congregation meets daily, and you are someone’s angel today."

― Tennessee Williams

(In an Interview with James Grissom)

Ahhhhhh South Carolina... we are praying for you! 💗 🙏

South Carolina turning into an ocean! flash flood, big waves & hurricane ian hits myrtle

O Father of eternal life, and all
Created glories under thee!
Resume thy spirit from this world of thrall
Into true liberty.

Either disperse these mists, which blot and fill
My perspective still as they pass,
Or else remove me hence unto that hill,
Where I shall need no glass.

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And yet as angels in some brighter dreams
Call to the soul, when man doth sleep:
So some strange thoughts transcend our wonted themes
And into glory peep.

If a star were confin’d into a tomb,
Her captive flames must needs burn there;
But when the hand that lock’d her up, gives room,
She’ll shine through all the sphere.

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Dear, beauteous Death! the jewel of the just,
Shining nowhere, but in the dark;
What mysteries do lie beyond thy dust
Could man outlook that mark!

He that hath found some fledg’d bird’s nest, may know
At first sight, if the bird be flown;
But what fair well or grove he sings in now,
That is to him unknown.

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I see them walking in an air of glory,
Whose light doth trample on my days:
My days, which are at best but dull and hoary,
Mere glimmering and decays.

O holy Hope! and high Humility,
High as the heavens above!
These are your walks, and you have show’d them me
To kindle my cold love.

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They are all Gone into the World of Light

By Henry Vaughan

They are all gone into the world of light!
And I alone sit ling’ring here;
Their very memory is fair and bright,
And my sad thoughts doth clear.

It glows and glitters in my cloudy breast,
Like stars upon some gloomy grove,
Or those faint beams in which this hill is drest,
After the sun’s remove.

Dedicated to the whole marvelous lot of you:


😱 RepMTG: "I just want to say to Nancy Pelosi: She's a hypocrite, she's an Anti-American and we're going to kick that bitch out of Congress. She's going down."

I'm almost recovered. I will keep you all updated. As well... I will give my critique of the Roger Waters Concert very soon.

I've managed 3 runs around the lake despite this m-effer and I'm going to run tomorrow even though I feel crappy...

I don't care... I will fight this to the end.

And by the way... it's good to exert oneself and sweat... it helps with the healing.

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I've never encountered anything like it... maybe it's *smart*... maybe it's trying to fully integrate into my physiology... biology...

Maybe... just maybe I caught this from my 3Xs vaccinated friend who went with me to the Roger Waters Concert last week...

Whatever it is...

It's not natural.

Can we purge it?

I'm going to try to purge it!

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But I'm a tough person... and this pathogen has a hard time gaining a foothold in me...

So, it keeps roaming around my body trying, and trying , and trying...

First, my lungs.
Then my head.
Then my throat.
Then my bowels.
Then my larynx.
Then my throat.
Then... back to my lungs...
Then my sinuses...
No luck there... so
Back to my lungs...

It's a persistent son-of-a-bitch...

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It is an insidious and persistent pathogen... that seems to have a very intelligent (*smart) ability to evolve...

A very *smart* ENGINEERED pathogen perhaps? Hmmm...

It travels from one area of the body to the next... and tries to gain a foothold in ANY AREA of the body that is weak or compromised...

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😷 💉

People talk about "shedding" in regards to the vaccinated...

I am trying to avoid this subject to avert the "conspiracy-nut" label...


I wonder...

After having recently been exposed to the CRUD out there... and getting sick for the first time in 20 years... (!!!)

AND... having experienced this flu... or latest iteration of a Covid variant...etc...

My experience tells me this is NO ORDINARY FLU...

DW News is total bullshit... it has recently been active in promoting FAKE news stories involving Russia and the Ukraine crisis.

I noticed DW News on Youtube in CONJUNCTION WITH the fake news/entertainment outlet called The Late Show with Stephen Colbert...

It's coordinated propaganda... It's 100% propaganda.

I have OFTEN held my tongue and reserved criticism of people I disagree with here... because I know that I don't share ALL of the same beliefs or opinions as others... AND I respect people's right to explore ideas and voice their opinions...

I have never suggested to anyone that they must fuck-off (except for Hillary Clinton... lol 😂)

I take exception to harsh criticisms such as these because it quashes the very spirit of Free Atlantis and the feeling of mutual respect.


Fait Accompli: The Choice of No Choice

I have been claiming that Russia was one of the key factions fighting FOR sovereignty and freedom against globalist interests, and that Putin and his allies have been the bulwark stopping them from seizing the control they have sought for decades.

By annexing the 4 eastern regions in a series of referendums, Putin has redrawn the map and the paradigm with it regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

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