So Stew calls out Vernon. MTG calls out Lin. Lin calls out Vernon and MTG
Who's who...who's real...who's a fake?

Dug the show with Sandra. I gotta say though....Sandra's a stoner!!🤣 She definitely smoked some bud before the interview brother...lmao

Mike @Bowler

May I please get 2 followers to copy and re-post this toot? I'm trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.


Just two. Any two. Copy, not boost.

The illegitimately installed resident of the Whitehouse said he bears responsibility then proceeds to blame Trump.
All I can say is "This Fuckin Guy"!😡

Somebody doesn't like CHICKEN. Despises it actually. I get it....I hate Spaghettios!🤣👍🏻

Everyone should watch this video. The best explanation I have ever seen.
It's long, but every minute is a revelation.

I was blocked on your Telegram channel. I was trying to send you a video of a guy in a costume that looks just like your Capt Right character on your mugs. Was this an accident??

I think we should take the Russian peoples method of striking back against these mandates.
They simply ALL quit going to ANY store, restaurant or places of business that required masks or vaccine passports. Within 3 weeks the business owners were furious with the government and raised holy hell. All mandates were dropped.

And although we don't KNOW a lot of what is going on...SOMETHING is happening and it AINT good for the treasonous slime that THINKS they got away with the Crime of The Century!!

Idk what to make of this whole PCAP business but I certainly do believe that Trump and the people who ARE helping him had to of watched how and probably who did hack votes.
He KNEW this shit was gonna happen. You can look back at all the times he said they were going to cheat.The guy has been RIGHT about EVERYTHING since before he was even elected for gods sake!
There probably also is a VERY strong possibility that he shared this with Lindell. After all he DID get into the Whitehouse easily.

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