What is the most frightening aspect?

90% of us are sane.

5% are mad.

The other 5% are in the media or paid off.
(which amounts to one in the same)

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I assume that anyone who would investigate might be facing their own extermination. I am amazed at the power the Clintons wield.

I find it odd that so many of us KNOW those in the Clinton orbit have met with strange and inexplicable deaths yet there seems to be no pursuit.


I’ve been consumed in a deep dive of the rationality of the left.

So far, I’ve found nothing.

I’ll get back to you should things change,

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Love this !!! Perfect for Memorial Day weekend don't ya think?

Save America

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The two best things to me.

The guilty being found and made to face justice.

The righteous thriving without hindrance.

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After watching Wyoming candidate Harriet Hageman speaking to the Trump rally today, I was very, very, very impressed.
So much so that I posted this to Liz Cheney's facebook page.....

"I had the great honor of listening to candidate Hageman's litany of the things she is fed up with today.
What a wonderful congresswoman she'll be.
She has more patriotism in her pinkie finger than you have in your entire, sad being, Ms. Cheney.
You should actually withdraw and support her!"

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I neither accept or embrace the mental illness of the left.

I was never political until I needed to be.

We all know.
Joe Biden is not our President.
No time like this has ever occurred.
There are many pieces moving.
We get glimpses and suddenly latch on.
Then another glimmer.

That is when you go to your core.
The place where you and you alone FEEL the truth.

It’s not that hard.
What resonates with you?
That is how you know.

Everything about you is being called into question by those who do not have your best interests in mind.

No one knows you.
But you.
Must fight

If there was ever a speech by President Trump to watch, this one (Wyoming) is it.


We will proudly uphold the principles of our Judeo Christian values.
President Trump.

President Trump is laying it out.
He is speaking freely.
Great stuff.
If you missed it, replay it.

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Trump wades in on the transgenders.
No fear.
It’s warped.
He has no fear.
Common sense.
When it appears weird, society has problems.
We HAVE problems.

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We all realize Liz Cheney hasn’t a prayer.
This was hardly contested.
This WAS an opportunity to lay fire.
And fire it was.
Trump is a wise man,
The people traveling with him does not go unnoticed.
There is much afoot.
Good things.

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