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Oh, I feel certain his handler, Valerie Jarrett, is up the backside of them all, and running the show.
She HATES America.

[Funny side note: I couldn't think of her name, so I searched "Obama's handler." Her name came right up. 😂💥]


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Serious concern about Cern.
Scheduled is a huge, global opening on July 5th in Switzerland.

Gird your loins, people.

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Love him!!
Sen. John Kennedy just said, "I want to say this as politely as I can...90% in congress need to be making your license plates."

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The enemy defeated or the enemy vanquished.

I choose the latter.

That is how you win.

I still find it very troubling that Adam Schiff has yet to be held accountable for his fabricated Trump phone call to Zelensky fantasy.

He completely invented it.
Read his fantasy out loud.

It found it’s place in the news cycle.

Never happened.

Oh my.
The little things that await.

One example.
Albeit a minor one.
Minor! You say.


Comparatively so.

It’s that bad and it’s all coming.

Things like this make me smile.
Never forget the slights.
Especially from fools

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Be the citizen soldier with the same courage and determination as the ones that defeated the greatest empire on earth.

Trump fought for the Senate.
The Senate gave us the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court gave us…

Don’t tell me we are not winning.
The guise and the disguise all win in this case.

The setbacks are planned as well as the victories.
Each must be treated accordingly.

Know the entirety.
We will not coast.
It will not be easy.

The journey.
It’s importance cannot be minimized.

That is where learning occurs and people are shaped.

Move forward.
Be strong.
Be positive.

Be aware.
The weak end as such

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"I've got a pen and I've got a phone - and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward."

B. Obama

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Preparing my Back Deck for The Fourth of July festivities 😎 My babies are coming for the holiday! (My youngest daughter, husband and granddaughter).
Those that know of me on here...know that I prayed for this...that my children would come back to me(both liberals). The only good thing that Biden has ever done for my family...Was to be a screw up.
This will be a wonderful weekend for us here and I'm hoping it will the same for y'all.

Rhetorical question: So, is Joke Biden going to the scene in Texas where 53 souls perished?

No guns were involved and his policies caused it.

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As we all own this makes no sense but here it is.
A 'my body my choice' protest where they check your vax passport. 🙄

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WATCH: "I Know You Don't Believe That Our Election Was Stolen, Karrin." - BOOM! AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake EXPOSES RINO Primary Opponent During Debate

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Watch the opening scene of Idiocracy.

When I ask my friends why they’re not yet having kids (very few are), it sounds exactly like the movie.

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@Andre Definitely! Luther does such a great job of putting a wide variety of the relevant news in one spot, my fav channel for news on TG. I appreciate it so much! He obviously puts a lot of time and effort into it! I love his poetic takes too! A true treasure! Thank you, Luther! You're a great patriot! 🙂 👊👍💪🇺🇸 @Luther

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