Cassidy Hutchinson?

Is she a stupid as she seems?

There has been talk of her being a plant.

That could very well be.

The troubling aspect of that theory is just how does she escape lying to Congress?

I know things get “forgotten” and things tend to disappear but I find either hard to visualize.

Maybe it’s just me.

Her lies did not fall on deaf ears and no.

They are not forgotten.

To stand behind such bizarre claims is puzzling

To see them squashed so quickly is laughable

Does she pay?


She is not a lightweight.

She walked, I believe, a very narrow tightrope between testimony and perjury.

She reported hearsay and stuff that could be nearly impossible to refute.

She did not see Trump throw anything but claims to have mopped up ketchup. I doubt they will be able to prove in court that she never mopped any spilled ketchup (hard to prove a negative).

I think she is a brilliant Judas goat, displacing even the marvellous AOC from top spot!


Good points.

Second hand knowledge.

These things all point to the same thing don’t they?



It’s hard to ignore all the pieces coming together and beginning to fall in perfect place.

More of a feeling at this point.
It is impossible to ignore though.

We won’t see it coming.

But we know it will.

Even ready and aware, we will be surprised.

When the plan comes together.

That is my belief.

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