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The burden of knowing may be heavy but I'd say that's a blessing not a curse. Wouldn't you?

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God is making tribunals great again. Whether the enemy knows it or not: They are walking into the trap of all traps. They are destined for failure. Their pride is their downfall. Watch what God does. Acknowledge the problems but do not focus on the wind or the waves.
Our deliverance comes from God. Their downfall is going to be glorious in scale. Most sheep cannot yet grasp what's happening but you've been given front row seats.

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From Praying Medic:

The further we move into chaos the more I encouraged I become.
The enemy is using up all their ammunition.
They are hardening their hearts just as Pharoah did.
They are resisting God's deliverance just as in days of old.
When all hope looked lost for God's people that's exactly when He swallowed up everything that [they] had.
It does not matter what it looks like on the surface. God is allowing the enemy to create their own Haman Gallow.

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I know there are a couple people really venting over there on Saul's account. I think it's best to stand back and let them finish saying what they have to say. And then it will be over.


I think mentioning him at all, even as 'blocked by', is too much free press for a pig.

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It looks like Justin. And it's totally believable because he does this. A lot.

This is pretty good.



Jack Dorsey to leave Twitter board today.

Q 525

GoodbyeΒ @Jack

We should end so-called gun-free zones and allow sane adults to protect children from insane individuals.

The latest from Ethical Skeptic on the CDC data which points to massive endothelial damage post covid. It boils my blood. I was VERY lucky to have doctors who actually treated me correctly. This EUA is the WORST man made disaster in US history. Please share far and wide. @HunDriverWidow @Andre @Bleukitty @CDuBois @cully45 @icare4america @h53pilot @DrFell

Another great reason not to send your precious children to government schools. As if there aren't already enough reasons.


There's intelligence (or the lack thereof) and then there is stupefaction (which can and does happen, regardless of intelligence).

Once stupefied, it is often the most intelligent who will go to great extremes to maintain and protect their stupefaction, lest they reveal the awful truth: They have been stupid.

This is the source of the famous Mark Twain quote telling us it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been fooled!

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Another prime candidate for being charged for Crimes Against Humanity at Nuremberg II. And, may they all get a Mussolini end when found guilty. May he join Mengele Fauci, Adolf Gates, & their cohorts in the FU Biden Admin, Big Pharma, & the Medical Industrial Complex.

Conversation with Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer

@icare4america Did you see @PeachyGrits bitchslapping umad80? if not go check it out. I'm going to see if I can find some peaches and grits to eat for lunch in her honor.

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