JUST IN - Florida Gov. DeSantis calls a special session to ban private sector employee vaccine mandates.

Saying that Christmas is at risk because of supply chain issues makes me think that you don’t know the meaning of Christmas.

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Obviously if a Republican had issued such an executive order, there would be a nationwide injunction against it within 3 days. The legality matters little. It's all politics.

The Jacobsen case is causing problems for state-level lawsuits that are being launched against the mandate. Turley discusses the problems that the plaintiffs are facing and other aspects of Constitutional law.


Slimy tactics that law firms are using to deny employees their legal
religious exemption, with Peggy Hall.


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According to the Populist Press site, but I don't really know them. I am looking for further confirmation.
I will post for sure if I can find it.

And in passing might I say, Fuck Joe Biden and have a nice evening.

In-N-Out Burger!

In-N-Out Burger is entirely corporate owned; there are no franchises. This means that supporting In-N-Out Burger directly supports a business which has publicly announced a "no vax police" policy

I don't eat a lot of fast food. In fact, I've never been to an In-N-Out Burger. But I think I'll try a "Double-Double" prepared "Protein Style" (no bun, wrapped in lettuce)

> 350 locations in 7 states including CA, OR, AZ, NV, UT, TX, and CO


Where's yours?

I'm a city employee. The city offers religious exemptions against a COVID testing mandate (city can't mandate the vaxx because Texas). My religious exemption has been denied twice. Talking to my union confirms my belief the city was not going to approve any exemption regardless. The union needs someone willing to fight the fight. I'm their huckleberry. Wish me luck.

Just a public service announcement folks:

When someone declares they’re posting a thread, please do not thread jump and reply to their posts while they’re still posting.

It interrupts the flow of the poster’s thread.

There will be plenty of time for you to comment when they’re done posting,

Thank you!

I fully expected Trump to launch alternative platforms.

This was beautifully predicted by one of the original contributors on QV, who had many followers. He made an awesome thread that truly was prescient, in which he recommended that Trump launch a financial and communication hub to completely cut out the monopoly of the Big Tech and globalist monsters.

Within 3 days his profile was gone. The post was scrubbed, completely deleted.

I wondered if Flynn reached out and told him to scrub it.

There is a YouTube live stream event @1500 PT TODAY with Peggy Hall

This is for Federal Employees and Federal Contractors on how to complete the accommodations form.

Her channel is
The Healthy American

1800 Eastern
1700 Central

Huge rally in Sacramento today Flag of United States against vaccine mandates for kids k-12.


This is an opportunity to make your voice heard on vaxxing children, who are statistically at a ZERO risk of death from covid-19.


It's beyond weird to me when a fully vaccinated person gets COVID - and the first thing out of their mouth is to praise the vaccine.

I am tired of lies. I am tired of rights violations. I am tired of Constitution-breaking. I am tired of Democrats' undemocratic behavior. I am tired of Republicans' apathy. Most of all, I am tired of Americans' irrational, cultlike behavior and the blind trust in 'experts.'

Florida is open for business and Florida ports are ready to help America’s supply chain backlog. My Administration is showing our commitment to America’s supply chain with investments and action.

We have already seen ships re-route to Florida and look forward to accommodating even more.

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