When I first heard the term, "Galentine's day", I thought it was a lesbian thing! I looked it up and was so happy to find that it was a nice way for single ladies to enjoy valentines day as the time to celebrate their friendship.

I have about 8 close girl friends. In the DC area there are more women than men, so most of them are single too.

Now that I'm in TX, I will miss having dinner with the ladies! But we're still exchanging gifts. I'm working on their bourbon balls right now!

So these 48 are made with the Ghirardelli chocolate powder I ordered last week.

Chocolate with candied orange and walnuts

Chocolate with dried cherries and walnuts

This time I added a half bottle of TX Blended whiskey to them!

Now I'll start on the next batch, which is made the same with orange and cherries. I just mixed the cookies with the Ghirardelli White Chocolate powder, and used toasted pecans instead of the walnuts.

BTW...I'm getting totally lit from eating the bowl scrapings!!

White chocolate version of the bourbon balls is done. These are slightly lighter than the chocolate ones, so the sugar is brighter and more pink.

Now to let the sugar dry. In just a few hours they will look like they're rolled in diamond dust.


So for this version, you should start with the tutorial thread I posted (with pictures), and base it off of @MegasAlexandros excellent family recipe. This is great for those who need measurable amounts.

I do my cooking to taste. It might frustrate some of you, I'm sorry! But taste and adjust as you go and you will know from the look of it. This recipe can't really go wrong if you are within the basic proportions; it's very forgiving.

I'll post the tutorial thread on the next

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OK, here's the tutorial.

This one has dried cherries
Smarty Stop Sweetened Dried Tart... amazon.com/dp/B08129C2B1?ref=p

and orange peel

OliveNation Candied Orange Peel... amazon.com/dp/B00OA35E3Q?ref=p

which I chopped very fine. I ordered mine from Amazon.

The balls are flavored with Ghirardelli ground chocolates.

Ghirardelli - Sweet Ground... amazon.com/dp/B01IBVTJ0Q?ref=p

You will need to order these first, they're not easy to find unless you have a very upscale grocery near.

Here is the list of ingredients:
*Candied orange peel, about 1 3/4 cups, chopped fine
*Sweetened Dried Cherries, about 2 cups, chopped fine

Ghirardelli ground chocolate, both white and chocolate versions

*4 cups of finely ground walnuts
*4 cups of finely ground pecans, toasted at 350° for 7 to 9 min.
*2 boxes Nilla wafers
*8 pkgs. Pepperidge Farm Zurich sugar cookies
*cane or corn syrup
*large bag of powdered sugar
1 bottle of TX blended whiskey

Pulverize the cookies, divide.


Is that your handwriting?

If so, you should have been an 18th century poet 🙂

I'm one of those people whose handwriting nobody can understand, unless I'm writing very slowly and using very large letters 🙂



Oh, I see.

A work of art indeed!

And thanks for the clarification 🙂


@MMA @Lumuz

I’m sure you have a new guardian angel…. her name is Mary. 🙏😉



Does the end result taste any different, IF the whiskey is NOT 'blended'?

Whatever that means. 🤷‍♂️

Better question for YOU.

Does it get ya any less, or more, BUZZED. 🤪

OK, so add the walnuts to half the cookies. Take the toasted pecans and add to the other bowl.
To the walnut/cookie mix, add about a cup of ground chocolate, blend well. Add the same amount of ground white chocolate to the pecan/cookie mixture. Blend well and taste. Adjust and add more to either or both until they are to your taste.

Once the nut mixtures have enough chocolate, add to them both some powdered sugar, by the half-cups, until the sweetness is right for your palate.

Use a large cutting board and a very sharp knife to very finely chop the orange peel. Set aside.

Do the same with the cherries. They are very, very sticky; this is why the knife must be super sharp. You will need to break the chopped cherries apart us you put them into the ground cookies, and mix them in well so they don't stick to each other again. But for now, set them aside.

Divide the chocolate/walnut mixture into two bowls, and the white chocolate/ pecan mixture into two bowls.

Divide the dried cherries evenly between the white chocolate and the chocolate mixtures. Do the same with the orange peel. You will have 4 bowls total.

Use your fingers to break apart the fruit as you rub it into the cookie crumbs to coat it well with the mixture. Do this until the fruit is evenly distributed through the mixtures. Taste each mixture and adjust the taste, if needed, for chocolate intensity and for sweetness.

In a large bowl with a pouring spout, pour 1/2 of the whiskey.

To the whiskey, pour a generous amount of cane or corn syrup, up to about a third of the liquid's level. Stir well with a rubber spatula to blend with the whiskey until it is fully dissolved and is thinned to the consistency of pancake syrup.

In the center of one of the mixtures, pour in a bit of liquid, and quickly stir it in with a wood spoon. Keep pouring small amounts and stirring until the mixture is a moist, sticky dough.

Continue with the other 3 bowls until the whiskey is used.

You may run short on the whiskey before you add it to all 4 bowls. In that case simply make more of the whiskey/syrup mixture and repeat the process. And, you can add more whiskey just because you like a stronger taste. The mixture will absorb it. I used an entire bottle of whiskey on 4 bowls!

Once all 4 bowls of the mixtures have whiskey added, cover with cling wrap and set them aside.

Line a jelly roll pan with foil or parchment paper and place empty mini tart tins, in rows.

In small bowls, pour fancy sugar, or cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or ground nuts. I only use fancy sugar (Home Goods or Michael's borh carry these)

I use a Pampered Chef small cookie scoop, (two teaspoons can do, in a pinch) to scoop out a teaspoon of cookie mix and place in the palm of your hand. Roll into a ball and then coat entire surface in the sugar, etc. Place ball into one of the tart liners on the jelly roll pan.

Repeat until all mixture(s) are used.

Cover and enjoy whenever!


Thank you for this detail. This is something I need and appreciate (step by step with pictures). Your balls are so pretty with the glitter sugar. Even though your miles away, it’s a blessing to have good friends to share these with. ❤️☺️

Heavy cussing! 


YES M'AM!! Never again!

Gomer Pyle, Full Metal Jacket:


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