In case you missed it, gasoline prices are about to set new record highs again, just in time for summer driving season.

Remember: None of this is coincidence, none of it is happening organically. These high energy prices are an integral part of the Green New Deal plan.

The only solution is to STOP. VOTING. FOR. DEMOCRATS.

Stop it. Right now. Because a vote for a Democrat -ANY Democrat- is a vote for this country’s economic destruction.


That is all.

Corpus Christi is now at $3.89 with one station $4.12

@watson @MMA Dallas area is at 3.89/gallon for Regular. At least, it was yesterday.

@MMA @itztheschnitz
my car is locked up in my garage since wednesday of last week.if i need stuff to make dinner etc i walk to get it. part of my exercise regiment 🙂


@watson @itztheschnitz

Get you some! There is nothing anywhere near for me to walk to so we are planning trips ver ver carefully.

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@MMA @itztheschnitz
heb 2.25 miles one way and walmart 1.4 miles one way. so as long as my eyes are not bigger than what i can carry or fit into my little daypack, i can do it every day 😃

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