My 38 year old daughter is getting married in the fall - 1st time. She has a PhD & works with a start company in handling their Covid response. She's a believer.

I am surrounded by family who've also been vaxed & boosted. They are believers.

Against our personal wishes, & to avoid family trauma, her dad & I were J/J vaxed in 2020.So far so good, but we still regret it. We have no intent to get boosters.

Just saw her save the date e-vite. Vaxed & boosted only. Been crying for hours.



This is something I've seen a lot of lately. Kids pressuring parents to vaxx over their objections.

There's never been ANY time that its okay to ask about this kind of personal information. It's illegal. And we can see the reason: look how divisive this is.

She didn't ask your opinion before making this decision, so that means she thought it through and didn't want to talk to you about it. Or she assumes you'll roll over: Once you say yes once, it's hard to say NO.


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Funny. I'd BEEN praying that God helps her meet us halfway. Instead, we got a line in the sand.


This 'something' here isn't your lesson, but it IS hers.

It may be that the Lord wants to reveal hidden motives.

I do know that He loves her so much that He is willing to let you go through a little bit of pain, if in the end it brings Glory to Him and helps her be who He is shaping her to be.

This is a hard time you're going through.

The fact that you vaxxed the first time even though you did not want to, tells me that "middle ground" is an illusion.

What does your spouse think?


I'll ask my husband when he's done breathing fire and spitting nails.


Everytime I've gone quiet and just withdrew to pray, I've seen wonders happen. I mean, I didn't discuss with ANYONE. Just fasted and prayed.

It is such a sh*tty place to be in, but please consider that she is not worried about how you will feel about not being included. Her choices are not considering your feelings at all.

I can't imagine expecting guests to be okay with me forcing a medical decision on them to attend.

Something a lot bigger than just an event is afoot here.

@MMA You could be right, and I very much appreciate the advice and kind words. When I first joined FA. someone posted words that made me feel good about being here. She expressed concern that people who had been vaxed were being made to feel worse than they already did about being vaxed because everyone was discussing horror stories, and castigating the decisions of folks who may not have had a choice. I appreciated that. It easier to share that you have an STD than to say you're been vaxed.

@1031 @MMA
Sounds like she's being a bit self centered and feeling the thrill of virtue signaling. Technically you're vaxed so say nothing about it and attend her wedding. it's really easy to get swept up in the crowd especially when anyone who wants to think for themselves is labeled a terrorist. I don't speak to my mother at all but that's another story. Not having that figure in my life is very hurtful so hopefully she realizes that you are a person with feelings and not just mom.

@1031 @MMA I want to HUG both of you. MMA God spoke through you truth. 💛🕊 This is why I love FA. 1031 - I don’t mean to be cold. I just dislike emotional blackmail. Maybe she thinks if you love her you’ll do what she says. That’s not love. That’s manipulation. Has there been friction between you two before covid? Something else is playing out. Anyway… MMA is right. Retreat…. Fast, pray… Silence. My prayers will be with you and with your daughter. God is testing us. Do we put Him first?

@Missustruth1776 @1031

Sisters, we are in a huge spiritual battle and the enemy will turn children against parents, spouses against each other. Covid is just one more tool in the hands of the evil one.

Compromises suggested are good ones, like the negative PCR test, but the premise is that it's okay to ask these things. It's not!

This dishonoring of mother and father hurts me so much to read.

My good friend was pressured into vaxxing to see his grandchildren, and is sick now.


@MMA @1031 My cousin resisted getting vaxxed. I supported her. My older sister, the know it all RN, was pushing vax vax vax. My cousin caved got two shots. When we saw her two weeks ago she said she now gets more colds and her monthly period is a heavier flow than normal. Her daughter is graduating from Fordham U and requiring boosters to attend. I said DON’T DO IT!

@Missustruth1776 @1031

It is of no consequence. If a parent was wheelchair bound, would you select a venue where they could not participate?

This is not the issue. The pressure campaign speaks to this. I'm sorry; but venues are easily changed.

I want to send you all huge hugs. I was not able to go to a number of family things because of my vaccine status but your daughter's wedding is on a whole different level. I send blessings your way. We never know the soul paths of others, or what your daughter is going through to make her so vehement that it would exclude her own parents from her most sacred and blessed of all days, but at this point, I agree, it's manipulation, and YOU get to choose what YOU DO! @MMA @Missustruth1776 @1031

@oystergirl @MMA @Missustruth1776

I don't think any of us can appreciate the power of sentiments expressed here until we need them. Thank you, dear lady, for your wishes, & to all of you. You're the friends I wish I had in person.

I don't think it's easy for a girl to be recognized for her excellence in science. My daughter had her share of jerks who who left her name off papers, omitted her from seminars, etc, and she's touchy about it. We, however, always supported her. Not sure she saw it

@1031 Big hugs. As a degreed biologist who got fired from my first job on the first day because someone with a Masters was willing to take the job for 10K a year. I completely understand the "science" thing, but it isn't set in stone and scientist should be open to reinterpretation of their beliefs especially when there is more data to evaluate. We are with you and blessing you sweetie. ❤️ @MMA @Missustruth1776


I'll pray that a workable, fair, loving solution is found for all.

I think one of the things that moved our family in the direction of compromise was the fact that there were no harsh words exchanged. We told them that we loved them and were heartbroken that we couldn't be there to celebrate with them and we understood that they were acting in good faith to try to keep everyone "safe." It took great restraint, believe me.


@hejoural @1031

It is a good thing that the community is here to support you and pray with you through this. The good thing I see in all of this is that most people are believers. In this case, we must ask the Lord to reveal what needs to come to the forefront and be dealt with. The enemy hates marriage and family. So, this is the perfect instrument to bring division to both.

We can pray for G-d's Glory in this situation--and that the lessons He wants to bring, are received by all.

@1031 @MMA @hejoural

Absolutely heartbreaking… praying for you and your family 🙏🏼

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