Wow. The gun grab Bill was passed.

This is not because of a weak GOP.

Those GOP traitors are part of a Uniparty who want us disarmed.

Prepare for scarce ammunition; rhe the Government will order it all. Prepare for anonymous reports filed on legal gun owners to disarm as many of us as possible.

Keep quiet about your firearms; lay low till this is over. Until this unconstitutional bill is overturned, the left will try to grab as many of our firearms as they can.

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Spit Ball
How do you protect states rights while also protecting constitutional rights to bear arms?
Have Congress and the president pass a federal red flag gun law so it can be struck down nationwide by the SC.
That’s what’s being set up.
It’s a perfect plan

@Sueknisely @MMA @JoeLange I was wondering what the affect of the SCOTUS ruling would have on that stupid bill.

@Sueknisely @JoeLange

I don't doubt it can happen. It's the time in between that they'll busily use these laws to disarm us as much as possible. That's my concern.

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