This is one of the new laws that went into effect in Iowa today.
Thank you Governor Kim Reynolds!!!

One of the things that's kept me from being swept away by a leftist mindset is the fact that I survived a lifetime of Narcissistic abuse.

By God's grace the blinders were torn off and I saw the truth and was delivered out of that demonic stronghold.

Read this description and see if you see the correlation between a Narcissistic abuser and the current state of the Democrat party ( and many other political agendas. ).

As we all own this makes no sense but here it is.
A 'my body my choice' protest where they check your vax passport. 🙄

Question sparked by my quick run into the grocery store just now:
What's the deal with all these portly young women shaving their heads?
Is that a leftist thing?

A fact that I'd forgotten: Grover Cleveland was the only president to serve two discontinuous terms. Cleveland served as POTUS #22 1885-1889 & POTUS #24 1893-1897. His terms were separated by Benjamin Harris being elected in 1889. 🤔

Fact check for Lori Lightfoot:
No one took your rights. My birth state, the "great state" of Illinois is in control of what happens within it's borders. You'd think the mayor of Chicago (with the honor of holding one of the highest rates of homicide in the nation) would already know that.

Did your church talk about Roe v Wade today?

Here's a Catholic priest that did.

Unverified: The following states have outlawed abortion edfective immediately. I wish Iowa was on this list.

The Democrats haven't been this upset since the Republicans took their slaves away.

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