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Steven Douglasโ€™ Chocolate Cake

1/2 c flour
3/4 c brown sugar
1/4 c cocoa (I used Hersheyโ€™s unsweetened)
3/4 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

1 egg whisk first
1/4 c vegetable oil (I used sunflower oil)
1/2 c milk (I used unsweetened almond milk)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 c boiling water or coffee

Stir dry ingredients together in a large bowl. In a medium bowl, which the wet ingredients together then add all at once to the dry. Oil and flour Loaf pan. Bake 325 45-50

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Blueberry cheesecake

This can be made in either a 13x 9 pan or a springform pan.

Oven 300 bake 45-55 min for 13x9 1 hour 10 min for springform

2-8oz cream cheese
1 box yellow cake mix
1/3 c sugar
4 eggs
2 Tbl oil (I used olive oil)
3 Tbl lemon juice
1Tbl vanilla extract
1-1/2 c milk (I used unsweetened almond milk)

Pour cake mix into medium bowl. Reserve 1 cup of mix.
Add 1 egg and oil to cake mix. Batter will be very sticky. I used a pastry blender.

Press into pan.


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This is a redo of a thread I did on QV about my ex husband, who is a malignant narcissist.

I was married to my malignant narcissist for 14 years. This thread ties narcissism to the leftโ€™s institutional narcissism.
The ex was a very good looking man and, being a narcissist, knew it and was very vain.

We lived in a wealthy suburb of DC and belonged to the Bethesda Sport&Health Club. Most members has WAY more money than we did and the ex spent much time trying to cultivate relationships.

@MadBeachBimbo @Tinyhouse4life
I enjoy putting the flooring down. It's much more enjoyable than ripping it up and hauling it out!

@MadBeachBimbo @Tinyhouse4life
I put that plank flooring down some 15 years ago. In very high traffic areas, it looks worn, but it has held up really well given that it has a 10 year warranty. My biggest mistake was putting it down on top of the existing linoleum all those years ago. It tends to move over time while the stuff I put down on plywood has stayed put very well.

Do not doubt that the "Scientists" who rigourously studied the TIDE POD CHALLENGE to determine the validity & level of CONTROL social media has on people under 25 has.
To validate the MONEY & EFFORT their Patrons (The FASCIST BILLIONAIRES) have spent on that CONTROL METHOD they will certainly take stock of ALL social media posts regarding Christmas to determine how greatly their efforts to devolve Christianity are succeeding.
(Measuring Stick)
@CDuBois @Bleukitty @NurseRatched @Sydneykaye01


When my dad was first dating my step mom she had a secret Santa thing done for her. When I lived in GA and we were dirt poor, those were some of my favorite Christmases. We had each other and some board games. My boyfriend has never had a Christmas without presents under the tree and I want our kids to understand how fortunate that is.

@CDuBois @NurseRatched


When my kids were growing up took two angels off the angel tree each year.
We were pinching pennies, but I've always believed in giving, especially when it's hardest to do so.

Now I fill two shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, Samaritan's Purse.

Giving is the best part of Christmas.

@Sydneykaye01 @NurseRatched


Bless you ๐Ÿ’ž Growing up poor, we were always one of those families that received a Turkey for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and the other fixings. Most of our present's came from strangers at Christmas and I never will forget that.

@CDuBois @NurseRatched


I will either donate them or give them away. When my kids get a bit older I want to do like a secret Santa thing for a struggling family. I want them to understand how good they have it. Every year the grocery store where I live gives out Turkey Bucks, spend x amount of dollars get x amount back in Turkey Bucks, then use them to buy your turkey. I see a lot of people around that time giving them to families who are struggling. It warms the heart.

@CDuBois @NurseRatched


I am not super concerned either. More and more people are getting back to the basics of family and home. The things that are really important.

@Bleukitty @NurseRatched


I am not concerned.

I know, in my heart and with my intuitive sense, that God is taking us through some lessons that will be harder for some than others.

This lesson will not be a hard one for me. I'm starting now making the gifts I will give. I'll paint, I'll sew, I'll make jewelry.

And I bought cards on sale half price last year, as I always do, so I"m good.

Some will grouse, some will stumble.
In the end we will all be better for it.

@Bleukitty @NurseRatched


Unfortunately, I think that the majority of Americans are going to be concerned with buying presents. That will work in our favor though when the shelves are empty and everything that IS there is expensive. It's going to be bad PR for Dems. As for me and my family, we all agreed to no presents (unless it's for the little kids) or like, gift cards for gas and stuff like that. Something useful.

@Bleukitty @NurseRatched

@Bleukitty @NurseRatched @Sydneykaye01


They know but they don't care, and they hope the majority of Americans don't care, either.

I'm an old woman, and this same movement has been hard at work since before I was born, redefining everything in secular terms.

They think they've succeeded.

I do not agree.

Saying that Christmas is at risk because of supply chain issues makes me think that you donโ€™t know the meaning of Christmas.

We've got to do the floors in our living room. Linoleum these days is just crap quality. I've replaced 2x in 6 years. What did you put down new?? I need something baby and critter proof?? Is there even such a thing? ๐Ÿคฃ@MadBeachBimbo
"Who buys Hunter Biden's art? Who benefits? What benefits do they receive from the Biden administration? The American people want to know."

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WATCH: @RepKenBuck presses AG Garland on Hunter Biden's art sales.

"A single piece of art from Hunter Biden sells for more than the average American home."

@MadBeachBimbo @RedRoo @Tinyhouse4life @alphaCarbon33
It was either that or go outside and burn something down. That works in the winter, but it's gotten too dry to do that right now.
All the time I spent recovering from the 'rona this past summer made me take a good look at the interior of my house.
By the time I was mostly well, I did NOT like what I saw. Life has a way of providing opportunities to actually SEE what's in front of you.

@justhuman Got a topic/question. If the NIH-funded GOF research is ultimately connected to Covid, would that mean our government is jointly responsible with China? Are we potentially left holding the bag in terms of damages?

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