OK FA plane watchers. I just saw this video from Intel Slava Z on telegram. Is it me or is this fake? No sand is kicked up, the blanket stays nicely on the beach, etc.

@Teeeye81 @Andre t.me/intelslava/31600

Looks like only 5 Supreme Court decisions will be released today - not the ones we're waiting for.


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It's his SSN. That uniform went out of service around 2013. I'd have to check, but I think year is first on DA photos.

74D mostly deal with smoke and decontamination in my experience. His additional skill identifiers (ASI) would be more indicative of high level training, such as Hazmat technician.

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Do you want President Trump to run for Re-Election in 2024?

Wow, the average number of sick days a German worker takes has hit a 40-year high. With 5.7% of the working time being take up by sick days.

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WOW! A German magazine, Focus Online, actually published an article about V-AIDS. Maybe there is hope for people to wake up here as well.

(Sorry, this is in German. You can use deepl.com if you want to translate it and read it.)


Here is the article it references in "Nature" (this is in English).


Nothing big from the Supreme Court yet. Three opinions released so far today.


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1) You can't make this stuff up.

EVERYTHING about the World Economic Forum is FAKE. The entire Davos is completely manufactured.

Don't take my word for it. Watch for yourself what @TheRealRukshan and I discovered.

Then RT it for the world to see.

MORE: rebelnews.com/tags/world_econo

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Please pray for my cousin's son (17). He has a condition where his collar bone and a rib are too close together and it constricts blood flow. His arm swelled up because he formed a clot there.

He is in the hospital and doctors say it is a very large clot. It sounds like they are trying to dissolve the clot, so pray that it would work and that he would be able to have the follow-up surgery to remove the rib.

“The Army is listing service member’s shot records to show Comirnaty as their vaccine… but lot numbers show it as BioIntec shots.
Meaning no legal recourse for side-effects.

This is huge.

Documents coming from whistleblowers, standby…“

Soldiers should still sue Pfizer based on these official medical records. Pfizer will turn on the DOD to defend itself and the truth will come out.


COOL, I just drove past the Polish Prime Minister's motorcade here in Berlin.

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki to meet Scholz in Berlin
Posted OnApril 25, 2022


"Bestätigungsmail" (Confirmation E-mail) is trending in Germany as people flee from twitter to Mastodon and overload the system, causing a delay in the confirmation e-mails being sent.

The best tweet about Musk buying Twitter - whatever your opinion of Musk, the video is hilarious.


I just got this from a tech guy in my company. Interesting info about google and another reason to use the brave browser.


Have the Russians taken trolling lessons from Trump?

From intelslava on telegram
Following official European bans on using or displaying the letters Z and V in a manner that could be construed as supportive of Russia’s operation in Ukraine, Russian troops have begun drawing the entire English alphabet on their vehicles.

Hieroglyphs may soon be back in fashion


Jesus is RISEN!

Wishing everyone a blessed and VICTORIOUS Easter!

Where, o death, is your victory?
Where, o death, is your sting?

While the rest of Europe is opening up, the German is currently debating vaccine mandates. These people are crazy.

Please Pray for Germany

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