Well when they voted for clowns....expect the dark circus.

Interesting experience. Earlier today. Neighbor needed a hand moving a cabinet out of his basement, just to carry it up the stairs on to the driveway. It took about 5-10 minutes. I was in fairly close physical proximity to him during this task. He's triple vaxed, at least. And it felt like the air was "weird" around him, contaminated.

Got home. Felt very strange for about 15 minutes. Dizzy, disoriented, slightly nauseous. Felt like I'd been exposed to a toxin. It passed, but was unmistakable.

This black pill better go lay down for awhile and turn red again. 😂

It never ends… after my MIL had a small series of mild strokes last December from her 2 vaxes in April and May of 21… I made her promise not to get this last booster. Of she listened to her friend who took her on Sept 20th to get it because she thought it was “a good idea”.
Just got off the phone with her. Went to the doctor yesterday for:
Droopy eyelid
Malfunctioning esophagus
Difficulty breathing
She’s using an inhaler and got four other prescriptions.

The end of America and how traitors everywhere have killed and disabled our ability to defend America.

It's now only a matter of time.


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She had been absent minded lately and a bit quirky but it was nothing totally alarming… in fact had just passed a cognitive test at her doctor’s. She had misplaced something and couldn’t find it and became very irritated and fearful… before her husband knew it she went and got a his pistol and shot herself. I can tell from other vaxed people I know… some are not in their right minds. She was a very lovely and lively person before this insidious government destroyed our lives. Please God! 🙏

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A “died suddenly” incident happened today in my immediate community. It’s of a different nature than usual. My partners boss got a call from her father… he said come to the house, your mother has been shot and hung up the phone. She immediately went to her parents house… her mother in her 70s had shot herself. She had been experiencing a rapid cognitive decline after the vax… her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer after the vax and has been receiving treatments.

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Why the Atlantic now?

Well the bias is clear with nane-calling like "fearmongers" quoting VAERS, but I'm excited to see another Marxist birdcage material worried about the coming boomerang about to hit all the criminals who've murdered millions.

Defeating The Great Reset—First learn EXACTLY what we're up against. Ignore those who want to subjugate us at your own peril.

Just read on Facebook… my sister in law’s youngest brother “died suddenly”… I feel terrible for her and her family. Like I keep saying… this is just the beginning of a dark period. God bless all of you… your friends… and families. 🙏

Watch "New Rule: A Unified Theory of Wokeness | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)" on YouTube youtu.be/schuzjknjYE

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Hahaa here’s the scary part, I’m hardly on FB.
Your name came up recommended?!! “They’re” watching us!!??! 😳🫣

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No denying though that if we had risen up en masse and said, FUCK YOUR MANDATES, the government would have no choice but to have folded.

Too many people did not act like they were free. That is the problem.

Remember: in the 80's, we got rid of New Coke in two months.

Think about that.

NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE SAID NO. I'm sorry, that's what it boiled down to.

If we ARE a free people, precious free of us know it, or act like it.

How can you “Never Forget” something you never understood in the first place?


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