A majority of Democrats trust and approve of *CIA*: from a major survey two weeks ago.

At the same time, GOP approval of and trust in the CIA is collapsing: only 1 in 4 Republicans say they do.

If faith and trust in the CIA doesn't make you an authoritarian party, what does?

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Colin Powell… starts a war over a lie of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”… dies from a weapon of mass destruction… see how that works?

This is the globalist asshat who knowingly lied about WMD and misled us into Iraq. THAT is his only distinction in my book. He had no honor.
They're telling us Powell died of covid complications even though he was fully vaccinated. Even in death he is used to mislead us. THAT is the only sad part of this story. The world would be a much better place without assholes like Powell in it.

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Have to say… we need this back too!

I really miss this woman… she was half the Trump White House… she served with more dignity, grace and class than any First Lady since Jackie Kennedy. The abject abuse and treatment by the liberal media… supported by liberals in general… was really what showed me what low life simpletons liberals actually are… my friends included. It’s an unspoken lesson of the times. I don’t blame her… that at the moment she has taken the decision to be invisible.

Another person learns the hard way.

Goes from arrogant expert bragging about getting injected while pregnant to burying her 2 1/2 month old saying, "we don't have answers how or why."


Whatever helps you sleep at night.

@MegasAlexandros @arzachel
Do not worship any other disease except covid! Heil COVID! No, your lifestyle was engineered to fuck up your immune system. You stupid idiots just look for easy way out to always blame someone else. virus hoax was created for useless eaters like you. It sounds like you are chronically ill person. Smoker? drinker? junk food eater? but you believe that's healthy? no wander you are mentally retarded.

@akeno @arzachel

The various absurd symptoms are the obvious means of diagnosis. What illness in our experience in illness has such a enormous array of symptoms? It was engineered to fuck up the immune system. Catch up dumbass… and go kindly fuck off. 😂

Brothers and sisters, above all else, God’s name must be praised. Spend time each day in prayer and in the reading of God’s word. Following that, spend an hour each day performing some activity that gives you joy and fulfillment. We were made for this. Don’t let the deceiver take that away from you. Lastly, perform some small act of love that can alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters. In these three things, we are doing what we were made for. To know, love, and serve God.

Anybody else’s Free Atlantis freaking out… black boxes… empty spaces where there should be posts?

U.S. Marine Commander Stuart Scheller relieved of duty after calling out senior leaders in a viral video for Afghanistan's failures.

This is Navy Medic Max Soviak who gave his life in Afghanistan yesterday. He is one of 13 others who made the ultimate sacrifice.
I pause to remember him and his service to our country.
Each and every one of you should do the same.

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