Remember when Joe said "My butts been wiped."?

Anonymous report from /pol on 10/28/20

I think it is legit, but can't prove it ofc.



This is the craziest thing I’ve heard lately. I’m not doubting it’s a possibility and honestly no one deserves to be humiliated in this way more than him. At the same time I want to guard against the “fan fiction” the left is so prone to clinging too just because I despise a person. The left believes anything abt Trump bc they’ve swallowed the MSM narrative. Are we falling prey to the same game bc we despise that evil potato?

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Sound advice @MissLane . You are so right.

There were some recent reports of this nature going around, which is what prompted me to recall and dig this up.


I mean at this point Biden is so obviously in decline this could legitimately be true. And I think your preface that you couldn’t confirm was perfect. I’m just trying to restrain myself bc if there’s anything I don’t want to become it’s like a lefty 😂😂

@justhuman So for the record, as an RN, some medications will and do give incontinence and release of stool. This is NOT is the realm of craziness. Looking at his age and most importantly, his body presentation, his nutrition id not good, he looks like he has a lot of muscle atrophy and his hydration status is iffy as portrayed through large veins in thin skinned hands. Thin skin also is a tell tale sign of medication issues. Just my big mouth opinion.

@Bakerfiend @justhuman

Thank you for this. A medical assessment is super helpful. He definitely looks drawn to me and unwell. Like I said, I think his decline is so obvious that this is not beyond possible. Unless we get photographic evidence of soiled clothing mid event I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to prove it. Could this be being leaked as basis for him following through his promise to “fake an illness” so Kamala can take over? Or basis for 25th Amendment?

@MissLane @justhuman
Do you guys remember Trump saying they will REGRET the 25th Amendment thing? I do. He repeated it about 90,000 times. The suspense is killing me.....

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