Dr. Kelly Victory has been the chief medical officer for Walgreens, Continental Airlines and Harrah's. She's is a mass casualty expert and has 15 years experience as a trauma surgeon. She's one of the clearest voices on Covid and is often on The John Phillips Show on KABC radio in Los Angeles. They have archived shows on the website.

McCarthy was 100% correct. Check out
"Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies"

Continued fun fact:
Trump continues to be right about everything.

@MMA @Bleukitty @MadBeachBimbo

Despite 700 followers (i.e. imaginary internet points) and many hours invested (and some very nice online relationships), I'm another who's left SQV behind, largely due to my primary hypothesis: the bloviator-in-chief is simply resentful that *he's not Wictor.*

And since 95% of the people on SQV joined because, and are still waiting around for, Thomas...that must smart.

Worst. Moderator. EVER.

Hello, I believe I already subscribe back on 29 September. Is Thunderdome the same thing?

I have not been to the grocery store in awhile. Kroger is back to requiring masks. Heck no. Because we had the supercold, I was using instacart. Now I go back and people are still wearing masks here. I’m in north Atlanta suburb. A month ago I saw the sign change three times in three days as they were trying to figure out what to do. Heck no, no, no. I am abiding the Supreme Law of the Land.

's state media literally celebrated murder of

The Iranian regime’s state-run media lashed him for his support of the Iranian Resistance and practically celebrated his assassination. Sir Amess was a staunch advocate of human rights.



AWS has many, many, .many, plans.. my guess a few hundred a month at MOST ...

And Powell will be voting for the Demoncrat in the next election also.
By the grace of God, it won't be Empty Shelves Joe, the Dementia Dictator.

I like, want, need to delete my posts. I have a sense of responsibility of what I put out there and that’s why I deleted twitter. Next FB which is harder bc that one is a family thing, but it will be ok. I just want a clean footprint out there for my own peace. It’s between me and a higher authority. 🙏

BREAKING NEWS: Loudoun County School Board Beth Barts submits her resignation, effective Nov. 2.

This comes hours after the school superintendent admitted failure in providing a safe environment following reports of sexual assaults.

STORY: wjla.com/news/local/loudoun-co

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Kari Lake: “There’s no way Joe Biden won by 81 million votes. You have be smoking Hunter Biden’s crackpipe to think that.” 😆

@JackO You are 100% correct. Trump is a master communicator. Shouldn't we all know by now that he is pushing buttons and a specific narrative with the supposed doom and gloom? Yes, we should.

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