For those of you are or have been TW fans, I just discovered his website, and a lovely memorial he composed to his dad when he passed a decade ago....

Vulgar language, references to homofaggotry 

When major networks invite on idiots like Pete Butt-itch-itch to discuss the airline industry, I cringe. Dude apparently knows how to suck dick, but has no other discernible skills. Total joke.

When a comedienne does a whole bit using Karnala's own words, how can anyone take our VP seriously??
The Rachel Maria:

I heard a good line on a British TV series.
When someone looks at you with skepticism, incredulously, tell them:
"Put your face away, I'm telling you the truth."

Biden has a "gender council."

Does anybody believe that was his idea?

Who's running this shitshow?

Leftists seem to want to get people concerned about the rights of pretty much everyone else, but not so much one's own rights.

Information update on power sources:
Fossil fuels, wind, solar and other.....
(7 minutes, including facts & figures.)

We get Puppets not clever people...We have one as President too.
The Democrats are like Mexico...they are not sending their best people.🙄

@MrKnowles I think, shit tank polish. Brilliant name for a way to make your septic tank clean, use Sepi Shyne!

I've been calling names if that ilk "I hate you" names for years. Their parents could have just called them "I hate you" and made their child's life just as easy.

@MrKnowles sounds like the name of an industrial cleaner - which that Sodomesque shithole desperately needs.

The first black woman to sit on the US Supreme Court cannot even define the word 'woman'. Pathetic affirmative action nominee by a pathetic dementia patient, and approved by a slew of pathetic senators.

West Hollywood, CA, the LGBTQCIA capital of southern California, will be cutting back on sheriff's deputies and replacing them with unarmed "security ambassadors".
As one commenter said, when it comes to crime, when the police have been cut back, another name for security ambassador is "the second victim".

Get a load of who does the thinking in that city......what kind of name is "Sepi Shyne"??

The number of likes on this YouTube Video of Liz Cheney's comments at the Reagan Library prove she's Satanic.....

Breaking News, Trump grabbed the steering wheel of Paul Pelosi's car causing Pelosi's drunk driving accident and arrest.

Modern medicine in the woke world.....
Leftist doctor speaking with male patient:
"What age did you start menstruating?"
Patient: "I've never had a period."
Doctor: "Oh, my word, there must be something wrong with your hysterical gland. I'll contact your gynecologist."
Patient: "I don't have a gynecologist."
Doctor: "Not to worry, I'll refer you to a good one."

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