This brainless bitch is the gift that won't stop giving. I hope LA rigs the vote to keep her in Congress forever.

"Our democracy" and "hallowed institutions" are holier than God, yet when the judiciary rules on something that isn't remotely covered by the Constitution and sends it back to the states, this idiot wants to wipe out the Supreme Court.

And she wants to tie this to black women. 40% of the abortions in this country - How many do you see at pro-choice rallies?



I just called her LA office and asked the lady answering the phone, "Why is Maxine upset about the Supreme Court abortion decision? She lives in Californa and can abort all the black babies she wants."

The woman said "Do you want to leave your name and number and have her call you?"

I said, "No thanks, Maxine never returns my calls because she's a cunt."

The woman hung up on me.

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@MrKnowles @waronmorons


Proud of you brother. Thats awesome and you are so right!

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