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If Sam Alito wrote the opinion for Dobbs, want to take a guess who’s writing NYSRPA v. Bruen?

If leftists think Alito stuck it to them with Dobbs overturning Roe v. Wade…

They have NO IDEA what’s coming with Bruen. Unlike Dobbs, Bruen WILL overturn state law. Specifically, CCW issuance policy. There’s also this, Justice Thomas has made clear his irritation at lower courts not respecting the Second Amendment. With Bruen, he has the opportunity to do something about it.

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The Troops are AGHAST that this BAFOON is "the president"--⁦@JoeBiden⁩ "Digs In" to that PIZZA PIE like an ANIMAL before the Soldiers got any. In the military, the senior officer always eats LAST! (And have some MANNERS for cryin' out loud)!!

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Watch what Truth Social does to SQV.
Which is hilarious because Saul actually thinks Trump is a stumble Bum Buffoon.

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A Poem
For Horatio

I feel connected
And you do too
Amazing what touching
With words can do
So generous and giving
Never just taking
It is no wonder
Our hearts are breaking.

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Free Atlantis feels sombre today.

Here's to someone who's made more than a tiny ripple here since the very beginning.

Thoughts are with @as2 and their boys.

@Horatio's memory will live on..

By all accounts, a good man, husband, and father. A friend, a Patriot, night owl, DJ (VJ) and much, much more.


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Vaccine Mandate Update

-Federal Judge Jeffrey Brown (Trump Appointee) slaps a nationwide permanent injunction on Biden's Federal Workers Mandate, immediately granting relief to 3.5M workers.

-DOJ set to appeal, however...wait for it..wait...they can ONLY appeal to the 5th Circuit. 😂😂😂...or...wait for it....Justice Samuel Alito. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

-Yeah, this is sooo NOT being reversed. Get the forks out and stick 'em in this one, because Federal Employees are free again.

~@Maximus_4EVR 😎

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How did the brilliant, fearless leader who wrote this Tweet eight years ago fall for the deadliest, most ineffective, least needed, obvious hoax of a vaccine in history?

Obviously he didn't.

So that means he knowingly encouraged something he understood to be dangerous.

The silver lining is that because he left the White House, the vast majority of the people who actually risk their health with this poison are hateful leftists who despise him and want to destroy America.

Talk about karma. 🚁

I don't know if anyone shared this video back in it came out in October - it's from Billy Prempeh and he ran for congress. It brings up many of the issues that we talk about here with the mandates. It's called "Dear White Liberals" :)

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I may be mistaking, but other than Save America Statements had he ever mentioned the J6 prisoners prior to last night at a rally? He also mentioned Ray Epps.

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Yes Saul is that "an asshoe" and much more. I tend to think he more evil and disgusting than most can put into words. Truly a hated individual among many. he's become a tumor on the internet, waiting for a surgeon to cut him out.
@MsKate @Bleukitty @CharlesXavier @Lumuz @icare4america @Mongo3804

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@MsKate @Bleukitty @CharlesXavier @Lumuz @icare4america @Mongo3804 @Kindly_ol_doc @DrFell

My unsubstantiated opinion is that he feels partly responsible and therefore is going to see to it that this comes to an end, and doesn't happen again. Ever. Anywhere.

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