These are just some of the ones caught on tape. Check the overall death and disability rates of the vaccinated population in 2021+ vs 2019, an off-the-charts, catastrophic increase.

10,000% increase in athlete deaths.

We knew this a year ago! Why was this ultra safe and effective medication banned?!

I have placed orders at four times and each time the MasterCard I used is cancelled within the week, due to 'suspicious activity'. I will continue to support one of our best fighters in this war for our future.

On August 10th my kids were concerned by creeps circling them in a boat while they were swimming.

The next day a boat made a u-turn in front of our house at dusk, parked on the opposite edge of our property and took a series of pictures after dark. We announced we were going down to check it out, the boat took off.

The following day, 12th, we noticed a boat parked behind our house at 11pm. When we went to investigate, it left.

Additionally, I received another cryptic message that same week.

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