This is the kuromatsu, or Japanese Black Pine tree. I think it is beautiful. It's resistant to salt and smog. It's fairly easy to cultivate but it doesn't seem to like living in the USA. They don't live long in the US, which is a shame. I'd love to see these in my area.

2. In her later years the Practical Box got an upgrade - Tide Pods! I would never have purchased them for myself but I got a package of them included in grandma's Practical Box every year. HOLY MOLY those things work so well!

My grandmother transitioned back into nonphysical a few years ago and I miss her terribly, and every year at Christmastime I miss her extra. I think this year I will buy myself a box of Tide Pods so I can revel in happy memories of my grandmother. I miss her.


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A Christmas memory.

My grandmother would always give us kids 2 gifts at Christmas. We got a fun gift like a toy, and the Practical Box. The Practical Box always had useful items. When I was a child it had school supplies, personal care stuff like a hairbrush and bath products, that sort of thing. As I got older it would contain a pair of scissors, a book of postage stamps, etc.

“Little children, love one another. If this one thing we’re attained, it would be enough.”

John the Apostle

Tarot By Mary Cowley reading on New York State & our current situation with Jabber Doos~!

In this video Mary Cowley dives deep into our current situation, and where it leads us.

You will learn that things are never darker, than before the dawn, but dawn DOES come~! Blessings

When I build my fantasy dream house it will include an enclosed central courtyard.

This is how you know an engineer loves you. Not candy or flowers or jewelry, but checking the oil and topping off the washer fluid. I love you, too, sexy man. ❤️

2. The Chariot, continued.

As you take heart to move boldly toward your goals, remember sometimes when you get there, you may experience unexpected downsides.

Don't let this discourage you. Just accept it as one of the funny ways life works. When you get to your goal, you *always* discover another goal to conquer, and you will always have to grieve something that was lost from your old life, before the goal was accomplished.

This cycle is natural and immutable.

Just let it flow.


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Today's offering:

The Chariot

Effort and Willpower
Focused action

When this card comes up in my readings it is taken as a sign of encouragement.

The message: you have what it takes to accomplish your goal. Stay the course even though there may be big challenges.

This time of year thoughts turn toward spiritual matters. This is my go-to blend for spiritual strength and protection:

Black spruce
Ylang ylang

This blend can be diffused and also worn on your body like a perfume. If you want to wear it on your skin, I suggest putting all the oils in a bottle, topping off with carrier oil, then putting a roller ball on top.

Just showing off my shiny new swag. It’s my 2 gallon pin. ❤️

My next-door neighbors are a lovely and sweet family with 3 small children. They just set up some Halloween decorations that are really cute. A couple of small inflatables, a spider web made of rope, and some cute signs.

Another house on the block has set up a really creepy display with gross zombies, severed heads and limbs, creepy dead babies and toddlers. Just ick.

I remember when Halloween was mostly a cute holiday for children. Now it's a weird sex+death cult thing. I don't like it.

Good morning, FA!

Be of good cheer. Find something beautiful to feel happy about. The more you can line up with things that feel good, the more the Universe will deliver to you more things to feel good about.

I love metal cover artists on YouTube

Family Jules
Jonathan Young

Always plenty of awesome metal covers to listen to.

Good evening, FA. It's another beautiful day for us to celebrate life. Drink your water, move your body, express gratitude, give and receive love. Take your vitamins. Brush and floss your teeth. Be the reason someone smiles today. ❤️✌🏻

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