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...and then, he started to dismantle the greatest mind control network the world has ever known. And he hasn't even packed for Mars yet

Don't need a riding mower anymore with the backyard being mostly garden now. It needs a fuel pump before I can sell it. Otherwise I can't prove it works, and it will bring very little money. It's a decent Cub Cadet with the plow attachment.

Wife - Get rid of it now.
Me - No I need to replace the fuel pump.
Wife - It will sit here for 6 months. Get it out of here!

Truth is..
She's probably right.. but I'm still not selling it until I fix it. 😎

Rare that anything not comical comes from this account.

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Wife opened the incubator long enough for me to see the one that hatched.
Too darn cute!

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Our first baby quail hatched this morning out of 30 eggs. We were afraid of losing them all due to incubator issues. The rest are still "cooking"..

Raising them for our own egg consumption. Will sell off excess birds as they multiply.
I can't kill something I've raised myself though. Kind of a wuss that way. So no quail meat for me.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene won her primary with 71% of the vote. The next closest got 16% and four other candidates divvied up the remaining 13%.

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I hope most like this... Greta is coming back.... to NewsMax

and whether you like him or not, Bill O'rielly will be popping up sometime this year on a nightly time slot...

Devin Nunes

Here’s some great news! Greta Van Susteren will be back on the air with her own evening news program on Newsmax starting June 14. I know so many people have missed her fair & unbiased journalism. She has always been greatly loved by viewers. 1/2

Listened to pgunnels last night with RTS. Utmost respect for him. Absolutely brilliant guy no doubt. but he should stick to technical analysis.

Seems a bit out of touch with how especially the poorer people are suffering with all that's happening. Sure food is available RTS.. IF you can afford it. Combine that with gas prices, and hmm walk to work, so we can buy food.
Illegals are popping up everywhere harassing people, trying to abduct children.

Seemed awfully insensitive last night IMO.

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It is why everyone needs to stay Diligent, even for children that are not yours or you know. Goes also if you work in a public company like Macy's, KFC, etc...
Call police when not sure, or if your gut says something is not right. Key words to mention "possible abduction or crime involving a child" Stand back and observe till help arrives.

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Sorry about the “F” Bomb but I almost fell off the LifeCycle laughing:-)

Another great read from el gato!

great moments in bad messaging - by el gato malo

Finally officially quit one of my part-time jobs today.
Unlike most people there I didn't just "walk out", but gave two week notice.
Manager had the audacity to give me grief over such little notice.
"I'm already short staffed.."
"Stay a few more weeks for me.."
"The district manager is going to be pissed at me for losing more staff"

Dude I've been here the last six months as a favor to you, and you've done squat for me.
Keep talking, and I will just walk out.

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The latest text from the shit stains - AKA the GOP.


Republicans need 3 more donors from your area TODAY to meet national goals & beat the Dems.
Will you chip in?
(link to Winred)"

Dear foreign adversaries with nuclear capability,
Please Nuke D.C.

P.S. Do it when there is a full session of Congress & Senate.

America LAST: US Senate REJECTS $48 Billion Aid Package For Small Businesses and Restaurants Just Hours After Approving ANOTHER $40 Billion for Ukraine – 34 RINOs Voted Yes for Ukraine and No for Americans

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