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“Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it.”

― Mark Twain

Can't believe CNN allowed this to air.
Finally somebody there that I can agree with on something.

Just finished this game.
WOW so fun!
Action game with a metal music theme.

Get your rear ends on Patel's Power Hour!

Apparently Trump is the "second beast", and part of the [DS]. Current "Trump" is also clone #2, or was it #3. I forget now.

I browse some of the Telegram fringe channels a bit. Not sure why I do that to myself. A few laughs at the crazy stuff being pushed I suppose.

I still think Trump is doing us a favor taking those slings, and arrows (now from us) on the jab issue. If he joined us the narrative on pushing back would lose ground IMO.

On a boring note I flushed my water heater, and replaced the elements, and thermostats last night.
I learned that if the elements themselves are not corroded you can clean the sediment off, and repurpose them.
Glad I thought to look that up before tossing them out. Now I have a backup set :)

Fulltime employer announced they are requiring all employees jab status. Not mandating it they assured us.

Pretty obvious they are taking the temperature of the employee pool with this move.

You guys are missing a good Patel Devolution Power Hour.

Even Twatter didn't back her story up.
Something is quite odoriferous about this one.

Just go get one already. It's for the greater good! 😀

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