Short thread:
My first thread, bare with me.
I am VERY angry, SAD, and PROUD at the same time. My oldest son, a 14yr veteran in the U.S. Airforce just received his final denial of his religious objection to getting the vaccine....

He is one of 3 on the entire Charleston Air Base who has not surrendered to the enemy within. The letter from his commanding officer states he has until Sat May 8 to be vaccinated or be discharged.

He has a wife, a 3 yr old son and a mortgage.

He took the letter into his C.O. and told him to start the proceedings, he WILL NOT SURRENDER!

I see this like this: Our country has been attacked by a foreign enemy and our entire fucking military surredered without a fight! They send him this letter that basically says "you were ordered to surrender and have refused, we are therefore tossing your entire service to this country in the garbage."

He will walk away with his head held high and I have never been more proud as a father than I am now. But I've never been so sad and angry at the same time.

This is so infuriating...
The disgusting US Government doesn't deserve to have great people like your son serving under them.

As upset as I am reading your story I'm actually smiling. Certainly not because of the circumstance, but there is a special place in my heart for people of such great character.

I greatly appreciate you, and your son.

Thank you. There are many stories like his so I'm not saying his is anymore important, just illustrative of how far our supposed leaders have taken our great country down a path of destruction!


I appreciate that you shared this.

Unfortunately it adds fuel to my fire on knocking the former presidents ridiculously generous, and quite stupid endorsement of the jabs.

I don't share all the data publicly that I've been collecting. But DJT really screwed up in regards to the jabs. And has yet to own up to it.

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@Nobody @Rsamx1

I don't think he's going to. That's another thing we have to work through. If he does not, who are you going to vote for?

@Nobody @Rsamx1

He addresses almost everything, but this will be the one thing he whistles past.

Ultimately it was his fault for trusting the demons. Not that there were angels he could have trusted, or even a better set of demons. He had to go with the "medical" establishment.

@Nobody @Rsamx1

In hindsight we see he should have humored them non-stop while going behind them.

But who does not have 20-20 hindsight.

@bbhack @Rsamx1
I'm an IT guy, not a virologist, but I did my research, and was convinced two years ago that the jab was going to be a disaster.

And here we are..

Based on what we know.. there is no excuse.

@bbhack @Rsamx1
I have no idea...

I don't trust anyone at this point to be quite honest.


We are on the same boat. I have been saying he is culpable for quite some time.

I cannot argue that he is not responsible in some way. But I will argue that he believed he was doing the right thing and never envisioned that the vaccines would be used as a weapon against the American people. He is just one man, a human like the rest of us. But he needs to stand up and admit his part in this.

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