Still have not seen my own daughter since the Covid scamdemic started, or her baby which is now closing in on a year old.
She fell under their spell, and since I refuse to be jabbed for ANYONE. She won't see me..

All these blabbering jackasses in their podcasts, sub stacks etc. that are supposed to be on our side spew their rhetoric on how things aren't really that bad.. I want to put my fist through their damn heads, and watch the life drain out of them.

That's where I'm at these days..

Omgoodness I feel your pain through the screen. Prayer for you from my heart, soul and mind. No words… there are no words to explain our bizarre world. 😢🙏🏻

Thank you for the thoughtful words.

I miss my baby girl, and can't even begin to articulate how much I hate the people behind all this bullshit. This does not excuse her from responsibility in my view BTW.

@Nobody I'm sorry. I truly hate these criminals and human rights abusers who stole our country and put people through hell.

I won't pretend that I've suffered greater than others. Certainly there are people which have experienced far greater loss.

With that said.. I want to gut those responsible with a dull butter knife simply for my own amusement. They have no idea what sort of shit they have stirred up with previously easy going people.

@Nobody I'd like to be there with you at the gutting.

@Nobody I'm really sorry. That's so hurtful & shouldn't be! Saying prayers she'll figure it out & you can reconcile & get back together🙏🏻 More comes out daily.

I have the most awful thoughts sometimes about what should happen to the sons of bitches who perpetrated these crimes on humanity, this evil, like a human wrecking ball, on the entire world. I hate them. I've never had such anger & feelings as this in my life! They've caused so much bad on so many levels! They've got to pay!

@Nobody 😥😥😥 I’m so sorry!! Their brains have been high jacked! Will they let you see her on FaceTime or something? It’s not the same I know. I have a friend in a similar situation. Had to get vaxxed, stay away from our crafting group of isolate for 10 days before seeing granddaughter. It’s a constant list of ever changing rules to follow. I will pray for you both that it remedies soon. 🙏🙏🙏

Mine rage is so close to the surface, all it would take is the wrong look for me to start swinging.


Sorry Nobody that you are having to go through this.
Hope that somehow the scales come off her eyes and she'll understand what the lies have cost her.


Similarly, my daughter has distanced herself from me.

I don't know if things will ever be the same.

I'm so sorry for your pain. I completely understand it.

@LoveAlmonds @Nobody

Father I lift LoveAlmonds and Nobody before you. We know from your word that it is not your will for families to be separated, and we curse this work of the enemy. Father I ask you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to intervene in these situations. Holy Spirit go to these children, open their ears to hear and their eyes to see, clear their minds and spirits of all deception. Let them feel the love you and their parents have for them. Reunite! Thank you Lord.

@LoveAlmonds @joseph

My heart is in a very dark place due to my own choosing. I want my pound of flesh so bad I can taste it, and I will not relinquish that for anything, or anyone.

@Nobody @joseph

You are right when you say your daughter fell under a spell... as my daughter did... and so many young people.

The scamdemic has caused great harm.

Your anger is justified.

Keeping our faith alive... keeping the flame of Love alive while we move through this is important. 🕯️

My daughter may reject me now... but I believe she will come back someday... when more people see the truth of what's happened.

I pray for your daughter and mine. 🙏

Stay strong. You're not alone.

@LoveAlmonds @Nobody

I feel awful for you both, I can relate to both the sadness and the anger🙏🏻🙏🏻

@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

This attack on the family has been in progress for decades now, but has ramped up significantly in the last 6+ years.

It was prevalent in inner city culture, encouraging men to not get married, and father children with multiple women, then leave them to fend for themselves.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

More recently its been used in politics and medicine. New articles and social media commentary were ripe with suggestions people should abandon family members who were conservative, or Christian, or who supported Trump. Then they were told to shut out family members who wouldn't support Antifa and BLM. Then it was masks. Now the vaccine, which they are still pushing.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

These attacks are inherently evil, and effective. Its easy to look at all this, after being hurt so deeply, with anger, frustration and hate in our hearts. I can personally attest.

And that is exactly what the devil wants, because anger and hate are divisive, and that makes you ineffective.

But there is another way.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

In Genesis 50:20 Joseph says

"As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today."

Cracks are forming in this narrative. People are finding emptiness in the world view, not happiness as was promised.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

God reminded me just this morning about his words to me a year and a half ago. I was feeling kinda bummed out, wondering if it was all real (God, heaven, hell, etc.), if anything would ever change.

He spoke to me that day. He asked me to give he one solid chance, starting right now, and he would prove it to me.

I'd love to say that I changed my whole attitude right there, but I didn't.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

I would offer up a praise when something good would happen, read the bible on and off, say a prayer now and then.

I didn't do a great job of taking God at his word to me. Heck, I didn't even do a good job.

But now, as I look back over the last year and a half, I can see so much cause for thanks and praise. I can and do feel different. I am different.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

We celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday this past weekend.

When she was a month old, doctors told us she would likely not live past 1, and if she did she would be very sick the whole time.

Well, she's not and hasn't been since that day.

We had a scare about 4 or 5 months ago. Maybe she wasn't ok?

But I stepped out in faith, and I declared to the world that God had already healed her, and that it was just an attack on her, and our whole family's faith.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

Well God heard, and through the power of Jesus Christ, and our prayers and faith, all he symptoms disappeared.

She is still perfect.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

I don't post that much of FA, but I do read every day. Over the last year almost year, I've learned so much about everyone here.

I know names and some faces.

I've seen people's kids and pets.

I've laughed out loud, and felt sadness for people I've never even met.

I've said prayers for so many.

I've read many of your posts, Mr Nobody.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

I've read about how you teach and mentor young people you work with. How you look out for them, help them when they need it, and offer them something they probably don't get in their home lives.

This is the dagger into the heart of devil's plan. This is love and not hate.

You should change your screenname, because to them, to us at FA, and to your family especially you are Mr Somebody.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

When Joseph spoke those words to his family, it was after the great 7 year famine had happened. He was telling them that how even though the devil tried to destroy his destiny, causing his family to sell him into slavery as a child, if that had not happened, he never would have been in Egypt and be put in a position to save so many people.

God took what the enemy meant for evil, and he turned it for good (Like the song says).


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

We don't know the plans of God, but the word says He (and they) are good.

So here (for Mr Somebody and anyone else who reads this and is struggling) is my long winded way of asking you to try God.

I am praying hard that our God intervenes on all of our behalf, to take this attack on the family, and turn it around for good.

That family's are not just reunited, but restored to their rightful place as a cornerstone of our life, faith, and walk in Christ.


@DrFell @LoveAlmonds @Nobody

That love wins over evil.

The King of love, peace, grace and mercy rules over all. Just give him a little chance. It wasn't easy for me.

It wasn't easy for Joseph. It probably won't be easy for you. And, it will happen in God's time, not ours.

Just give Him a little faith. What do we have to lose? Unless what you've been doing working out for you?

I love you all.


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