Here's another one I don't trust.

She says a lot of great things, but all she ever does is issue empty promises and beg for out-of-state donations.

Wendy Rogers is under suspicion in my book.


Not sure about her either. I’ve decided to only give money to candidates in Georgia from now on ( excluding presidential candidates )

@GeorgiaMAGA @waronmorons

She gets people all wound up and excited then asks for money.. Just like most of the GOP

@MarshTackyBall @GeorgiaMAGA @waronmorons Saw that she was on Stinchfield last night and recorded it to watch later. They had apparently gotten into a big Twitter tiff & were to make amends. Personally, I think she's a straight shooter & as far as campaigning & asking for money, ALL politicians do and they absolutely have to! Look at the amount of money Democrat candidates go into elections with! It's staggering compared to the GOP. All we can do is choose wisely who we donate to.

@Normie_Sue true, but how much does she really need to campaign for a state senate seat in Northern Arizona where Republicans outregister Dems by double digits and never lose elections?

I don't necessarily think she's working for the other side or anything, but I don't think she's very effective or deserving of the national prominence she's enjoying lately.

@MarshTackyBall @GeorgiaMAGA


@waronmorons @MarshTackyBall @GeorgiaMAGA I think her actual effectiveness remains to be seen. The problem in AZ right now is that they aren't in sessions. Ducey is a POS RINO and although he won't fight it, won't help either. I like that Rogers is building a coalition with other states for election integrity. Right now, that's more than anyone else is doing, so I guess that's why I support/defend her. Sadly, I've been wrong before, but I'm hoping I'm not with her.

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